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In Rivet City, Dr. Zimmer wants to know the location of his Android.

  • Dr. Preston received a holotape in circulation, but believed it to be a hoax. In this tape, there is an explaination that the android was looking for facial reconstruction and a memory wipe.


  • Moria from Megaton knows something about the android, although you need 100 caps or a good speech skill.
  • Doc Church from Megaton knows information about the android; likewise, you need 100 caps or speech (although your speech skill needs to be higher.)
  • Pinkerton has the information concerning the android, however. When you ask him about it, tell him that it's in his best interests to give you the information.


Once you have the evidence, contact Dr. Zimmer or Harnkess.

  • Informing Harkness that he is an andriod and promising to keep his secret will give you a unique Plasma Rifle.
  • Informing Zimmer about the android will give you the Wired Reflexes perk.

Other notes[edit]

Dr. Zimmer and his assistant Arbitage cannot be killed normally.