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In Canterbury Commons, there are two people fighting near the town: The AntAgonizer, and the Mechanist. While you could slay both of them right away for the reward, you won't get the achievement or quest entry.

After the two individuals finish fighting and return to their lair, Uncle Roe will approach and tell you about the situation, about the two superheroes causing problems and scaring off merchants and ohter travellers. He will reward you with 200 caps to have them stop fighting (or 400 if you pass a speech check).

The AntAgonizer is located north of the town, in an underground bunker, and the Mechanist is found in the Robot repair center located south of town. You only need to defeat one of the two to stop the fighting, but the best reward is obtained by stopping both of them.


The AntAgonizer's bunker is located to the north. There are two entrances to the facility. The north-side entrance is protected by a few traps and a switch blocking access to the ant tunnels. A more direct route requires average lockpicking skill, and leads directly to the lair.

The Canterbury tunnels are mostly empty. While there is some ammunition near the entrance (behind some traps), there's nothing too special.

When you approach her in her lair, she will engage in a short speech about how humans destroyed themselves during the warfare, and that Ants should become the masters of the wastelands because they survived.

The follow options are available:

  • You can engage her in combat. If you do so, you get to keep the AntAgonizer costume. Although she is an evil character, you receive no karma adjustment for killing her.
  • You can side with her to kill the Mechanist. If you accept it here, the Mechanist will enter the Lair and attack. ]
  • You can travel to Hubris Comics in the DC Metro area. The reception desk has a letter to the editor about the AntAgonizer, that can be used to have her give up. If you have not been to Hubris Comics, you can still attempt a speech check (or use the Lady Killer perk) if you learn her real name from Joe Porter. If she gives up, she gives you her costume.

The AntAgonizer can reward you with Ant's Sting if you give her the Mechanist costume. This unique weapon is a knife that inflicts additional poison damage. You can't receive the knife by killing the AntAgonizer, only by giving the Mechanist costume.

The Mechanist[edit]

The Mechanist is located in the repair center to the south. The main elevator to his forge is locked with a hard lock (requires 75 lockpick). Alternate routes are available if you have a 50 lockpick skill or wish to go past a few more turrets.

The Mechanist saw the AntAgonizer make an initial attack, where his love was killed. His tramutizing experience convinced him to use his computer skills and use the robots to defend Canterbury against the AntAgonizer. Knowing that, these options are available:

  • You can engage him in combat. If you do so, you can keep the Mechanist Costume. Although he is a good character, there is no karma adjustment for killing him.
  • You can side with him to defeat the AntAgonist. On this dialog option, she will enter the forge and attack.
  • You can attempt a speech check, or use either Black Widow or Child at Heart, to have him give up the superhero career. He will give you the Mechanist costume.

If you give him the AntAgonizer costume, he will give you a unique laser pistol, Protrecton's Gaze. This weapon has twice the damage output as a regular laser pistol. You can't obtain the pistol by killing the mechanist, and only receive it upon giving the costume.

A Black Widow can convince him to peacefully give up the fighting, after being told that the nearby city is being troubled with his fighting.