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You arrive in Tranquility Lane, which is an alternate reality simulation provided by Vault Tek. As it is a simulation, you do not have access to inventory items,

Soon after you enter the simulation, you are informed by a resident to play with Betty in the park. She is by herself and wants you to participate in a few games.

Note: You do not have access to your items or VATS. In addition, you cannot return to this location once you exit.

Betty's Games[edit]

  1. First, she asks you to make Timmy Neusbaum cry.
    • A speech check to tell him that his parents divorce.
    • You can get a military recruitment pamphlet from his house, and give it to him,
    • You can attack him with fists. While he fights back, he will break down in tears.
    • A skilled player can find a way to kill one of his parents.
  • Next, she asks you to ruin the Rockwells' marriage (without killing them.) Attempts to injure them will not work, since they are invulnerable.
    • A speech check against Janet Rockwell can convince her that her husband was kissing another woman.
    • You can get the rolling pin from the kitchen, and kill Martha Simpson with it.
    • Or, you can bring the Lacy underwear to the basement.
  • Now, kill Henderson in a creative fashion. While you can kill her directly, you will have to return to Betty to resurrect her.
    • The oven can be tampered to explode when you ask her to make pies.
    • The chandelier can be fiddled to make it detach from the ceiling.
    • The roller skate can be pushed to the top of the steps so she falls.
    • The robot can be set to perform a security patrol, and be configured to attack anything in sight.
  1. Finally, kill all residents within Tranquility lane, with the slasher knife in the dog house.

Note: Playing her game, even though it seems to be the only option, causes you to lose karma.

Failsafe terminal[edit]

Stand aside, comrade, while we deal with these Imperialist dogs.

Chinese commando

An old woman walking around the lane will tell you that this place is a simulation, and will tell you that a failsafe terminal is located within the abandoned building; this building has the Speed Limit 25 sign in front of it and is located to the right of the lemonade stand. The first room has various objects.

To unlock the terminal within this building, you need to decode a combination. When you activate one of the items, you will hear a small tone; if the item was incorrect, it is followed by a buzzing sound.

The combination can be obtained either through brute force or from Betty by listening to her occasional whistle, and matches the Radio, Pitcher, Gnome, Pitcher, Cinder, Gnome and Bottle.

Once you unlock the terminal, you can activate the Chinese invasion to open the exit.

Looting Vault 112[edit]

The vault as various supplies around. To get access to the armory, you need a Science skill of 75. It contains a few additional medical supplies, along with ammunition, and the password to the overseer's office.

The overseer's office doesn't contain anything of interest, aside from a few miscallenous items.