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Raven Rock[edit]

Quest location - you are brought here during the main quest after you retrieved the G.E.C.K. from vault 87. There is one chance to visit the base.

Anna Holt can be found in the base; she was cooperating with the enclave.

This is a major enclave base, and home to President John Henry Eden. You can optionally destroy the base by using a speech skill or science.

MDPL-05 Power Station[edit]

Requires Lockpick 75, unless you prefer entering by the collapsed fence.

Schematics for the Dart Gun is here, as is a copy of Dean's Electronics.

SatCom Array NW-05a[edit]

A SatCom facility that is powered and in contact with some orbital satellite. In particular, it's linked up to "Highwater Trouser", a nuclear weapon's platform which is would drop the payload on the capital wasteland unless given better targetting data. It is surrounded by mined, and contains a ghoul scientist and Talon Company mercenaries.

A Spec Ops Chinese training manual is here, and you can get some missile launchers from the mercenaries.

Fort Constantine[edit]

This fort is currently guarded by robots that will open fire.

Bobblehead for Big guns, Spec ops Chinese training manual, Guns and Bullets, and 2 pre-war books is located in the CO Quarters in the northwest of the fort.

The personnel offices are three stories high, and seem to contain a bit of darts.

The bomb storage requires Lockpick 100.

SatCom Array NW-07c[edit]

An outpost originally controlled by wastelanders, but by the time you reach it, the Enclave has seized the area. There are enclave soldiers guarding the place, and it is staffed by scientists.

You can climb to the top of the tower to get a view of the surrounding area, and can even climb into the dish itself; however, there is nothing of interest in the upper floors.

The lower floors have several crates that can be searched.

Broadcast Tower KB5[edit]

Broadcasts radio signal Alfa Lima; a repeating Morse code signal. It is located on top of a sewer grate that provides access to an underground room (lockpick 50 to pass it's first door). It contains the HAM radio brodcasting the signal.

A pre-war book and Motorcycle parts are of interest.

The morse code appears to be "ALALAL K   CQCQCQ DE".

Deathclaw Sanctuary[edit]

This is a home for the deathclaws, which are very dangerous animals that can quickly shred you.

An endurance bobblehead is located near the entrance, along with a Nicola Tesla and You book. They are behind the central pillar in the first room.

The rest of the cavern contains human bodies in caches throughout the cavern. To get out from that area, head to the north, then look for green mushrooms on the western area.

Also There is a gatling laser in a pool of blood, somewhere farther in.

Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel[edit]

A small ruined chapel, occupied by a hostile drifer carrying the Reservist's rifle - a unique sniper rifle. You can also read a copy of Guns and Bullets while you rest.

Mason Dixon Salvage[edit]

You can rest here after defeating the Super Mutants and releasing the captive. Good reading material includes Nicola Tesla and You.

Mount Mabel Campground[edit]

You can rest here. It is a campground giving a nice outdoor resting area, as well as a bit of food, but is otherwise unintereting.

WKML Broadcast Station[edit]

A radio tower that broadcases "-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.. ." and "-.- -... -.- -... -.- -... -.-" or "CQCQCQ DE" and "KBKBKB K"

Look for a sealed Cistern to the south of the main building. You can find an explosives bobblehead along with other items.

A small ruined shack is to the east, which contans Grognak the Barbarian as reading material for a quick nap.

The Silver Lining Drive-In[edit]

You can rest here.

Drowned Devil's Crossing[edit]

The only thing of note is a truck located to the immediate east.

Abandoned Car Fort[edit]

An abandoned fortress on a bridge, that contains a lot of ammo boxes.

Faded Pomp Estates[edit]

Pugilism Illustrated can be found in the ruined buildings.

Roosevelt Academy[edit]

A place of learning, currently occupied by Super mutants.

The main academy is open to the public. If you have trouble with super mutants, you can activate the protection within the main building. However, he will request you to provide a hall pass.

The Arts and Athletics Hall is open to the public.

The library requires Lockpick 100 to access from the surface. It holds a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the side desk, as well as various other components.

The maintenance and evacuation tunnels connect all three wings of the academy. The Super mutants tend to hold captives in this area.

Secondary Locations[edit]

A: Raider Wharf[edit]

B: Brotherhood Outcast Shack[edit]

Contains schematics for Shishkebab.

There's an abandoned tent to the south east, which has a Nuka-Cola quantum, and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You.

C: Jackknifed Truck (on Freeway)[edit]

D: Jackknifed Truck (on Freeway)[edit]

E: Overlook Raider Shack[edit]

F: Raider Wreckage Fortifications[edit]

G: Drainage Channel (adjacent to Broadcast Tower KB5)[edit]

H: Mutie Gorge (Rope Bridge)[edit]

I: Junction Shack[edit]

J: Jackknifed Truck (near Crossing)[edit]

K: Blocked Tunnel Entrance[edit]

L: Caravan Wreckage[edit]

M: Monorail Train Wreckage[edit]

N: Jackknifed Truck (on Freeway)[edit]

O: Blocked Tunnel Entrance[edit]

P: Truck and Car Wreckage (on Freeway)[edit]


  • Bobbleheads: 4/20
  • Fat Men: 1/9
  • Fat Man Mini-Nukes: 8/71
  • Unique Items: 5/89
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: 4/94
  • Schematics: 2/23
  • Scribe Pre-War Books: 6/98
  • Skill Book (Barter): 1/24
  • Skill Book (Big Guns): 0/25
  • Skill Book (Energy Weapons): 3/25
  • Skill Book (Explosives): 3/25
  • Skill Book (Lockpick): 5/25
  • Skill Book (Medicine): 3/25
  • Skill Book (Melee Weapons): 3/25
  • Skill Book (Repair): 1/25
  • Skill Book (Science): 2/25
  • Skill Book (Small Guns): 3/25
  • Skill Book (Sneak): 2/25
  • Skill Book (Speech): 0/25
  • Skill Book (Unarmed): 4/25
  • Work Bench: 2/46
  • Holotapes (Keller): 0/5
  • Holotapes (Replicated Man): 0/19