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Fallout 3 Zone 4.png


While there are no structures here, you can find an entrance to some Ant Tunnels. It is located just to the north of the transformer, and is marked by glowing green mushrooms.

When you enter the tunnels, you will find a colony of non-hostile mutated forger ants. As you proceed inward to the colony, you will find invader ants which appear to be from a rival colony.

In the northern-most chamber, you can find Ant Nectar inside a compost heap with Ant Nectar, and an Ant Researcher with a Big Book of Science. If desired, you can also inject a stimpak into the eggs to promote colony growth.

The rival colony is to the north of the first colony, at Shalebridge Hill. The following items can be found:

  • Metal Armor and some supplies in the far south-west corner
  • Weapons and ammo, behind the Ant Queen.

Five Axles Rest Stop[edit]

A rest stop composed of several jackknifed trucks. You can find the book U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes, guarded by three raiders. After taking care of the raiders, you can also rest here.

MDPL Mass Relay Station[edit]

A home to raiders. In the outdoor part of the station, there are motorcycle parts available as well as miscellaneous supplies.

When you find the doorway next to the stairs, you can get a skill book Guns and Bullets. With a lockpick or science skill of 100, you can get a nuka-cola quantum from the safe. You can also safely rest here once the raider and torcher are eliminated.

Broadcast Tower KT8[edit]

The radio tower is used to broadcasts Radio Signal Sierra Romeo, which originated from a sewage chamber just to the north of the tower.

In the chamber, you can find two pre-war books, and some Sugar Bombs. To enter the secure hatch, you need to take the Decrpytion Key on the desk, and use it on the terminal. You will find the broadcasting HAM radio, along with two dead Chinese spies and a stealth skill book.

Rockbreaker's Last Gas[edit]

A Nuka-Cola Quantum appears on top of a vending machine.

To the west of this location is an abandoned shack; you can find the fourth Keller's Family Transcript. Other items include a pre-war book, and a small arms skill book. You can also rest here if you kill Jitters and Fluffy first. If you have lockpick skill of 100, you can get the Victory Rifle.

A map-bug exists on the cliffs surrounding the pool near the abandoned shack. If you encounter it, head to the north.

Vault 87[edit]

This vault is features in Finding the Garden of Eden. It is notable for receiving a direct hit from a nuclear attack and contains enough radiation to instantly kill any human entering the area. While it is possible to reach the entrance with sufficient equipment and items, the front door cannot be opened. The only items you can recover would be a radiation suit and a few packs of Radaway, which does not come close to items you consumed to reach that area.

This vault can only be accessed from Lamplight Caverns.

Everglow National Campground[edit]

A small campground. Contains a copy of Guns and Bullets.

Little Lamplight[edit]

Little Lamplight is a cave filled with children, and is featured in Picking up the Trail and Rescue from Paradise.

Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal[edit]

This is a radioactive waste disposal area.

You can find Nuka-Cola Quantum in the office, a radiation suit, and a medicine skill book.

To the north of this location is a set of abandoned shacks. You can find a combat shotgun in one of them.

VAPL-58 Power Station[edit]

A copy of Dean's Electronics sits on the desk, next to the computer and small safe. You can also retrieve the Nuka Cola Quantum on the workbench, and a Big Guns skill book by climbing the ladder to the roof.

Fort Bannister[edit]

Fort Bannister is a fort now occupied by Talon Company; these mercenaries are equipped with missile launchers.

There are four entrances to the inner part of the fort, each containing additional mercenaries and items.

Secondary Locations[edit]