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Primary Locations[edit]

AntAgonizer's Lair[edit]

This is a location featured in the The Superhuman Gambit quest. It is located to the north of Canterbury Commons. and is marked by a simple door on the side of a large rock.

Canterbury Commons[edit]

This is a location featured in the The Superhuman Gambit quest. You will first see the AntAgonizer and Mechanist fighting at the front. After the battle, Uncle Roe will approach and introduce you to the city.

Uncle Roe can also be convinced to organize the traders into a unified group. If you are either carrying at least 250 caps or have sufficient trading ability, you can convince him to start the merchant empire. After receiving the routes for the caravans, you have the option to make a first investment of 200 caps on each of the four caravans, and a second investment of 500 caps. This will improve their inventory and repair ability.

A workbench can be found in Dominic's house.


This is an abandoned scrapyard. It is generally empty, but you can find your first companion here. Dogmeat will be first seen killing a few raiders, and he will then approach you. You can either leave him here, or recruit him into the party.

If you have the Contract Killer perk, you can head here to trade ears for credits.

Wheaton Armory[edit]

Wheaton Armory is a Raider camp. It contains standard supplies and ammunition outside, and on the upper floor of collapsed building on the eastern side of the camp.

The bunker contains only a few items, but is dangerous due to radiation.

Corvega Factory[edit]

The Corvega Factory is an abandoned car factory and active ant colony.

You can find a Big Book of Science in the second-floor north-east room, and a copy of Dean's Electronics in the room overlooking Queen's Chamber.

Vault 108[edit]

Vault 108 is an vault based around cloning. The residents of the vault will mostly engage using melee attacks, but a few will have pisols, such as the 10mm pistol or the .44 Magnum.

The Charisma Bobblehead is located within the cloning labs, near where you find Gary 1.

Pugilism illustrated can be found in the Living Quarters kitchen.

Bethesda Ruins[edit]

The Bethesda Ruins have been claimed by Raiders.

Stealth skill book is found in East Offices, as can the Lockpick Bobblehead.

The undertunnels have a few ghouls and radioactive barrels; the safest entrance is at the chain-link fecne, and to only go as far the main subway section. By just going in this far, you can collect a barter skill book.

Chryslus Building[edit]

Rock Creek Caverns[edit]

Friendship Heights Metro Station[edit]

National Guard Depot[edit]

This building is located a little bit to the east of Friendship Metro Station. Depending on how good you were at finding the Keller family transcripts this building could be very important. If you found the four transcripts with numbers said aloud in them then you can go inside and enter the armory on the bottom floor.

Getting there is difficult however. Depending on your level there will be many robot sentries patrolling the area and probably an enclave trooper or two. Also the door to the armory is locked when you first get there. So you have to find the door to the National Guard offices and keep going forward through that and through another level area, until you come back out to the 2nd or third floor of the main part of the building. A switch should be by desk on the left side when you come out that you should activate. When you do an alarm will sound, but don't worry. Go down to the previously locked door and open it. Dispatch the sentry bot and make your way into the bunker. There you should find the Experimental MIRV, a unique fat man that shoots 8 mini nukes at once. (Great for people who really want evil karma or vigilantes who like explosions...)

Secondary Locations[edit]