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Primary Locations[edit]

Yao Guai Tunnels[edit]

Charnel House[edit]

Smith Casey's Garage[edit]

Evergreen Mills[edit]


VAPL-66 Power Station[edit]

Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop[edit]

VAPL-84 Power Station[edit]

F. Scott Key Trail & Campground[edit]

Guarded by a deathclaw and contains the schematics for a deathclaw gauntlet.

RobCo Facility[edit]

Dunwich Building[edit]

A very creepy building which is necessary to the Black Heart of Black Hall Manor quest (if you have the Point Lookout add-on). The building is infested with feral ghouls, so it is best to go there early on to avoid confrontations with feral ghoul reavers (if you got the Broken Steel add-on). You will come across many diary entries from someone called Jaime. By listening to these, you'll learn how he came here looking for his father and slowly became a ghoul. Once you get to the virulent underchambers you have to drop straight down. Then go through a few tunnels and up the second staircase and you will find the melee weapons bobblehead. Go back the way you came and there is a door underneath the staircase. Go in it and eventually you will reach the obelisk necessary for completing the Black Heart of Black Hall Manor with a good conscience. You will also find Jaime here, however he is now evil and will attack you. Kill him and the rest of the ghouls.

Warrington Trainyard[edit]

Warrington Station[edit]

Tenpenny Tower[edit]