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Gameplay controls[edit]

Note: All controls can be configured from the Main Menu.

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Controls
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick W A S D Move
L button L3 button Shift Sprint
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Look/Turn
R button R3 button Ctrl Stealth Mode
LB button L1 button Q Enter V.A.T.S. Mode
LT button L2 button PC Mouse Right Click.png Aim/Block
RB button R1 button Alt Bash/Power Attack/Grenade
RT button R2 button PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack
A button Cross button E Activate
B button Circle button Tab
  • Open/Close Pip-Boy
  • Hold to activate Pip-Boy Light
X button Square button R
  • Reload
  • Hold to Ready/Holster Weapon
Y button Triangle button Space Jump
View button Touchpad button PC Mouse Middle Click.png
  • Toggle 1st/3rd Person
  • Hold to open Workshop
Menu button Options button Esc Pause, Main Menu
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad 1 - 9, 0, -, = Favorites
F5/F9 Quicksave/load
~ Open console.

V.A.T.S. controls[edit]

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Controls
LB button L1 button Enter V.A.T.S. Mode
RT button R2 button Select target
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Switch between targets
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Target specific body parts
A button Cross button Accept V.A.T.S. targeting
B button Circle button Exit V.A.T.S., canceled queued attacks