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Time trial mode[edit]

Time trial mode is a chance for you to race on an empty track by yourself, and see just how well you can perform on six different tracks. Each track has a particular feature which it emphasizes. There are no rules, and you're free to take the track any way you like.

Before you begin, you can choose from the following settings:

Between one and four players can race against the clock, with each player's final time results appearing at the end for comparison. Each player races alone, one at a time, using the first-player control pad.
You may opt to race around the track any where from one to nine times. Each player must complete the specified number of laps before a player's turn is considered over and the next player may race.
Players may choose from among six different tracks to race on. None of these tracks are featured in the Grand Prix portion of the game, but they contain similar features.
If you choose to race with a Non-Turbo car, you will drive the equivalent of a Non-Turbo 1000 PS Engine car. If you choose to race with a Turbo car, you will drive the equivalent of a Turbo 1200 PS Engine car. (see the Secret Code section below).

Track overview[edit]

Circuit 1 Circuit 2
FGPF1R track time1.png

This is a relatively simple track. After a gentle 180° turn off the start, you will drive across an overpass. Then a sharp 90° turn brings you into the long straightaway on the right side of the screen. Then a series of gentle turns brings you below the overpass until you hit the sharpest turn on the track just before the finish line.

FGPF1R track time2.png

You may think that the most notable feature on this track is the loop in the center. However, there are absolutely no rules governing whether you do or do not have to drive through the loop. You can entirely bypass it by turning left and heading up and around the rest of the track. In fact, going through the loop can be challenging due to the grass in the middle of the loop entrance. Instead, this track is a good place to learn how to handle back-to-back 90° turns.

Circuit 3 Circuit 4
FGPF1R track time3.png

The third circuit is a track of opposites. Half the track is composed of two straightaways. The other half is composed of a series of rapid turns including a zigzag followed by two gentle 180° turns. If any of the tracks in Level 4 are giving you a hard time, particular Circuit 9, this is a good track to challenge and get a good feel for the lines that you need to take to cut the shortest path.

FGPF1R track time4.png

There should be no doubt about this track: the primary feature of this track is hairpin turns. It features 5 of them, back to back, two more than the most difficult track in the Grand Prix. Without any competition to worry about, you can relax a bit and figure out the best way to tackle these turns. However, each turn has a strategically placed oil slick which you must be sure to avoid. Either take the outside lane as you drive around, or cut very close to the grass to stay off the oil as you cut inside.

Circuit 5 Circuit 6
FGPF1R track time5.png

Other that it's odd shape, and multiple crossings, circuit 5 doesn't contain any one particularly challenging feature. It's mostly composed of gentle turns which should be no trouble for an expert driver. It's a long track, and a good one that will help you determine just how good you are at crossing over from one inside lane to the next as the directions of the turns change.

FGPF1R track time6.png

Clearly, this circuit is not intended to pose a challenge to the drivers. Rather, it is a wide open parking lot where players are free to drive all over the area and go wherever they like. While you could attempt to use it as a time trial track, it's really here for the amusement of the players and to give them a break from the serious concentration needed to stay ahead of the competition throughout a race.

Secret Code[edit]

To select the specific car that you would like to drive, go to the time trial settings menu (pictured above), pick up the controller plugged into the second-player port, and press Down dpad+B button+A button. This will bring up a screen showing one of the 24 cars. You can cycle through the cars by pressing A button or B button on the first-player control pad, and press Start button to select a car. When you select one, note whether it is a Turbo or Non-Turbo engine. In order to use the desired car, you Turbo setting must match the choice of your selection.