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Family Jockey
Box artwork for Family Jockey.
Japanese titleファミリージョッキー
Release date(s)
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Family Jockey is a horse racing simulation developed and published by Namco for the Famicom in Japan in 1987. In the game, players take control of a horse, and help direct it to finish a track as quickly as possible by steering it, and wisely timing the expenditure of the horses energy in order to stay ahead of the pack without tiring too quickly. Progress is achieved by placing in the top four horses of each race. Prize money is earned by placing in the top three and by breaking course records.

Namco developed a few remakes of the game. In 1991, they released a remake for the Game Boy, as well as a remake for the TurboGrafx-16 under the name World Jockey. Namco also developed a sequel for the Game Boy version in 1993. In 2003, Namco published another a version for mobile cell phones, and in 2008, they revived the series by developing a version for the Wii.


  • Neutral dpad: Used the direction pad to steer the horse to the left or right.
  • A button: Tap the A button to whip it an encourage it to speed up.
  • B button: Press the B button to perform a jump when presented with obstacles.
  • Start button: Start a new game or pause he action mid-game.
  • Select button: Used to select from the four modes on the main menu.

Game Modes[edit]

First, you choose the number of players, then you choose which mode of play you want.

  • 1 Player: A single player game where the goal is to win as many races as possible.
  • 2 Players: A two player game where both players compete to win as many races as possible.
  • Only Race: A mode of play where players merely watch computer controlled horses races.
  • Family Game: A mode of play like "Only Race," however players are allowed to make bets on the race as well.

How to play[edit]

1) Select game mode 2) Select your horse
Family Jockey FC title.png
Choose the number of players and whether you wish to bet or just race.
Family Jockey Horse Select.png
Eight horses are shown at a time. Press Select button to switch between the two pages.
3) Bookie predictions 3a) Place your bets
Family Jockey Bookie Predictions.png
You will see the six horses in the next race, along with four bookies predictions about who will win. A double circle is favored to win, a single circle is another good bet, and a triangle is a bad bet.
Family Jockey Bet Placing.png
[Family Game only] You have the option to enter up to three different bets for four people, a dad, mom, son, and daughter. You can only bet as much money as each person currently has, and each bet place will alter the odds for the next person.
4) Track conditions 5) Race your horse
Family Jockey Track Conditions.png
You will see the conditions for the next race track. Press A button to see your horse's current statistics as well.
Family Jockey Horse Race.png
The race will begin, and you will control your horse throughout the race until the race is complete. If you are scrolled off the back of the screen, you are automatically retired.
6) Race results 6a) Betting results
Family Jockey Race Results.png
The race will conclude, and the results are shown. If you placed third or higher, you will receive prize money. If you placed fifth or below, you will be disqualified and the game will be over. Otherwise, the game continues on from step 3.
Family Jockey Betting Results.png
[Family Game only] If you placed bets, you will now see the results of your betting.

Horse attributes[edit]

Japanese English Description
スピード Speed This number determines the highest maximum speed that the horse is able to achieve.
スタミナ Stamina A horse with greater stamina can withstand running at a high speed for longer distances than a horse with low stamina.
ガッツ Gutsy How gutsy a horse is determines how little strength it will lose when running in difficult conditions, such as rain, sand, or bumping into other horses.
ジャンプ Jump Better jumping ability means a horse will have an easier time clearing obstacles that you attempt to jump over.
ターボ Turbo Turbo dictates how quickly a horse will accelerate when it gets whipped by the jockey.
タイプ Type A horse that has a high type value will be more likely to perform well under difficult track or race conditions.


Horse Name Translation Speed Stamina Guts Jump Turbo Type
カモノネギ Kamononegi 1 1 1 2 2 8
パフォーマンス Performance 1 2 3 4 3 2
キングコング King Kong 0 3 1 4 2 4
イーグルゴー Eagle Go 2 3 2 2 0 3
ハイテック High Tech 3 4 0 0 0 6
リキパワー Riki (strength) Power 1 3 3 3 0 3
プリンスメロン Prince Melon 1 4 3 0 0 4
エクスプレス Express 4 0 0 1 2 9
ディスコボーイ Disco Boy 2 2 2 2 2 5
サクラタイガー Sakura (cherry) Tiger 2 3 1 1 1 7
テンカウント Ten Count 3 2 2 3 0 2
ブルーグラス Bluegrass 2 1 2 1 4 6
ミスターダービー Mister Derby 1 0 1 3 4 5
モモタロー Momo (peach) Taro 3 1 0 1 3 5
インターラプター Interrupter 4 1 3 0 0 8
アイアンホース Iron Horse 0 4 4 0 1 7


Note: 万 is 10,000. So 3000万 is 30,000,000 in prize money.

Course Name Translation Distance Surface Obstacles Record 1st Prize
シンバセン Shinbasen 1200 Lawn N 0'33.9 300万
500万下ジョウケン Under 5 million 1200 Lawn Y 0'33.8 600万
1000万下ジョウケン Under 10 million 1600 Dirt Y 0'39.9 1000万
2000万下ジョウケン Under 20 million 1600 Lawn Y 0'38.5 1500万
リュウヘイキネン Ryuuheikinen 2000 Lawn N 0'44.9 3000万
オーミステークス Ol' Mister Kusu 2000 Dirt Y 0'46.5 3000万
ミズホショウ Mizuhoshou 2000 Lawn Y 0'48.0 3000万
サボテンステークス Seboten (cactus) Stakes 2000 Lawn Y 0'49.8 3000万
グレートスプリント Great Sprint 2400 Dirt Y 1'07.9 3000万
イーナシーカップ Inashi Cup 2000 Lawn Y 0'51.1 3000万
ネギマキネン Negimakinen 2400 Lawn N 1'06.7 3000万
ポークステークス Polk Stakes 2000 Dirt Y 0'50.8 3000万
ナムコカップ Namco Cup 2400 Lawn N 1'05.2 5000万
レコードカンショウ Record Kanshou 2400 Lawn Y 1'06.5 5000万
コータローキネン Kotarokinen 2800 Dirt Y 1'11.0 5000万
サクラダモンショウ Sakura (cherry) Damonshou 3200 Lawn Y 1'18.0 5000万
カントリーカップ Country Cup 3200 Lawn Y 1'16.1 5000万
ビーフステークス Beef Stakes 3200 Dirt Y 1'20.0 5000万
ヤヨイショウ Yayoishou 3200 Lawn Y 1'15.9 5000万
サクラフブキショウ Sakura (cherry) Fubukishou 2800 Lawn Y 1'10.0 5000万
皐月賞 Prize in May 3600 Lawn Y 1'42.4 8000万
ダービー Derby 4000 Lawn Y 1'44.5 8000万
菊花賞 Chrysanthemum prize 3200 Lawn Y 1'16.5 8000万
ジャパンカップ Japan Cup 3600 Lawn Y 1'37.2 8000万
有馬記念 Arima Commemorative 4400 Lawn Y 1'52.9 8000万
天皇賞 Emperor Prize 3200 Lawn Y 1'15.5 8000万

Power-up tiles[edit]

On each race track, typically on the downward stretch of the track, a random assortment of power-up tiles will be present. If your horse runs over the five circular tiles, that stat will increase by one point and the effects will be applied at the start of the next race. If your horse runs over the two energy tiles, the effects of that tile will be instantaneous.

Speed Up Stamina Up Guts Up Jump Up
Family Jockey Speed.png Family Jockey Stamina.png Family Jockey Guts.png Family Jockey Jump.png
Turbo Up Energy Increase Energy Decrease
Family Jockey Turbo.png Family Jockey Energy Up.png Family Jockey Energy Down.png


  • Horse with a high Type value start off with weak stats, while horses with a low Type value start off with better stats. However, you can improve every other attribute of your horse except its Type. Therefore, while you may have a tough time getting started in the beginning of the game with a horse that has a high Type, you will generally do much better near the end of the game with the same horse if you are diligent about collecting power-up tiles.
  • Learn how to properly pace the whipping of your horse. If you whip too slowly, you will fall behind. If you whip too quickly, you will run out of energy before you cross the finish line.
  • Hitting a horse from behind has the effect of slowing you down, and pushing that horse forward. Conversely, getting bumped from behind by another horse will give you a boost.
  • If you lead the pack, you will be shown closer to the edge of the screen. This will take away from your ability to react to jumps or to move into position to pick up items. Don't lead by more than is necessary.
  • Stay close to the inside lanes of the track, as this shortens the distance that you have to run. However, stay away from the muddy regions around the turns, as these slow you down.