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Start screen.

The game includes real-life tournaments such as Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, and offers play on grass, clay, and hardcourts, as well as a unique "cosmo" surface that takes place in outer space.

Players can choose from three modes of play. Exhibition mode consists of a single exhibition match for one or two players, while Tournament mode allows up to eight players to face off in a singles tourney. Both of these modes also include a "Watch" option, in which all players are controlled by the computer. World Tour mode, by contrast, takes a player through an entire year on tour playing against computer-controlled opponents, using a password save system.

No doubles play is available in any mode.


FamilyTennis tournament1.png

FamilyTennis tournament2.png

FamilyTennis tournament3.png
FamilyTennis tournament4.png

FamilyTennis tournament5.png

FamilyTennis tournament6.png


  • Neutral dpad
    • Move between choices in the menu
    • Move on the tennis court
    • Set direction of swing
  • A button
    • Light hit
  • B button
    • Select in menu
    • Hard hit
  • Start button
    • Start game from start screen
    • Pause during play
  • Select button