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  • Neutral dpad/Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control and direct Opa-Opa throughout the screen. You can move Opa-Opa in eight different directions. As Opa-Opa moves around the screen, it will scroll to follow Opa-Opa and the action surrounding him. Opa-Opa starts out moving at the slowest speed possible, but engine boosts can be purchased at the shop to improve his speed.
  • 1 button/B button: Press the fire button to utilize your primary air-to-air weapon. It starts out as a single shot and it can be upgraded for a limited time by purchasing alternate weapons at the shop.
  • 2 button/A button: Press the bomb button to utilize your secondary air-to-ground weapon. It starts out as a single small bomb, but it can be upgraded for a limited number of uses by purchasing alternate bombs at the shop.
  • 1 button/Start button: Press this button to begin a nes game. On the Famicom, you can also press Start to pause the action mid-game.


Fantasy Zone II sprite Opa Opa.png

Throughout the game, you are in control of Opa-Opa, the hero of the Fantasy Zone series. Opa-Opa can best be described as a sentient space craft. He has wings, and he also has feet which he normally tucks underneath himself like a bird, and only sticks out when he must walk around on the ground. Opa-Opa is extremely maneuverable and is capable of flying at very high speeds if equipped with expensive engines.

Opa-Opa is very honorable, and only fights to correct injustices that occur throughout the galaxy. He fights against evil forces with two kinds of weapons; an air-to-air gun and an air-to-ground bomb. They both start out very simple, yet effective. Like his engine, they can be upgraded with purchases from the shops. In order to afford these purchases, Opa-Opa must be sure to collect coins that are dropped by defeated enemies.

Opa-Opa's goal is to clear each level of all enemy generators distributed throughout three sections of each stage. Only after defeating all of them, will Opa-Opa be able to pass through the red warp which leads to a battle with the boss of the level. If Opa-Opa defeats the boss, it will shatter in a rain of coins which he will have a limited amount of time to collect before being whisked off to the next stage.

This time around, Opa-Opa is given a bit more a chance compared to the previous game. If he is struck by an enemy, he will die instantly, but if he is shot by a bullet, he will only lose half of his power meter. A second bullet will kill him unless his energy meter is refilled after clearing the stage and advancing to the next stage. If Opa-Opa loses a life, all of his upgrades are lost. If all of Opa-Opa's lives are lost, the game is over.