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Round 2 shop

Sarcand appears to transition from the natural scenic beauty of Pastaria, to a land of geometric shapes and crystals. The enemies here are a bit more aggressive than in the first stage, flying in straight directions with no intention of changing course. Once again, there are three different scenes to visit, and a total of 15 bases to destroy. The shop doesn't offer anything particularly game changing. The Normal Engine is a speed boost over the Big Wings, and you should pick up Twin Bombs if you passed them up on the previous stage, or lost a life. At $5000, the extra life is a luxory that you should only buy if you can truly afford to. You'll want to save your money for more valuable items coming up. There's a valuable hidden item that you can obtain for free if you know where to look.



Fantasy Zone II base Purakunika.png

The bases in Sarcand are called Pracknicka. They are a bit stronger than the bases of the previous stage, with almost twice as much health. It will take seven normal sized bombs, or four big bombs to destroy them. They appear at a variety of heights, ranging from the bottom of the screen to the very top. Keep your eyes open for all of the other enemies flying around you, and try to catch the dollar bills early on after defeating one so that you don't have to detour to the bottom of the screen.


Copta Gouse
Fantasy Zone II enemy Koputa.png

Coptas appear from the Pracknicka bases. They slowly float around the screen, while very slowly correcting their course in order to find you. They can appear and fly towards you very quickly long after you think they may have disappear. Each one defeated drops a small $50 coin.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Gosu.png

Gouses (Gice?) will appear as a pack of four. They fly horizontally onto the screen together until they reach a point along the screen. Then they stop, and fly to the top or bottom of the screen very quickly. They will only drop a large $200 coin if you destroy all four.

Piyon Den
Fantasy Zone II enemy Byun.png

Piyons appear in three groups of two. As they cross the screen, they play leap-frog over one another. If you just wish to avoid them, simply clear one pair and let the rest fly around you. You must defeat all six to earn a large $200 coin.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Den.png

The winged snails fly down from the top of the screen in groups of four. When you see the first one, look out for the remainder of the group to appear in a diagonal line. You'll earn a large $200 coin if you shoot all four.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Gabarin.png

Gabalins are one of the toughest enemies in the game. They appear as a tight line of six. First they fly horizontally across the screen. Once they lock in on your position, they fly diagonally toward you, maintaining their formation. To survive the attack, you need to punch a hole in them and fly through it. Destroying all six of them is quite a challenge.


Secret item
Fantasy Zone II SMS Round 2 secret item.png
There is one important secret item found in the second round. It is the first Red Bottle that you can obtain, which will increase the length of your power meter, allowing you to take more damage before dying. It can be found in the same section as the shop. Fly low to the ground and shoot ahead until you notice your shots hitting something invisible along a spike below one of the warps. Shoot it until the item appears, and collect the bottle to extend your meter for free.


Fantasy Zone II SMS Round 2 boss.png
Fantasy Zone II boss Hanmaruda.png

The boss of the second stage is known as Hangmerudia. He appears on the right side of the screen, and moves left and right. While he moves about, he flings hammers throughout the screen. At first, they are fired upward, and the gradually angle lower and lower until they are fired at the bottom of the screen. Then they hammers immediately start moving upward again and repeat the process. The weak point of Hangmerudia isn't actually his head; it's the segments of the body beneath the head. As you shoot them, they change color, until they are ultimately removed from the screen. When they are removed, all of the segments and the head above drop down. Hangmerudia is defeated when all of the segments are destroyed and the head hits the floor. At that time, he explodes in a pile of coins and dollar bills.