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Fuwareak is the air stage of Fantasy Zone II. It goes back to the more random distribution of base layouts, although the bases are all lined up in the middle of one section. Once again, there are two shops for you to find, along with a third secret shop which you won't want to miss. You can buy Twin Big Bombs from one of the normal shops if you lost it between now and the previous stage. On top of selling Red and Blue bottles in the secret shop, you can buy an extra life at the ridiculously low price of $100. Be sure to find it.



Fantasy Zone II base Papikarina.png

The bases in Fuwareak are known as Papikarina. When it comes to base strength, they take eight big bombs to destroy, so you'll have to strike them for quite some time before they explode. The enemies move rather fast through this stage, so they won't give you a lot of time to sit and bomb. You'll need to take your shots when you can get them, and move out of the way to clear the surrounding area of enemies before resuming your attack.


Bull Wynn
Fantasy Zone II enemy Bull.png

Bull fly out from the Papikarina bases. They appear from the base and pause briefly, before flying off very quickly in a straight direction to wherever Opa Opa is currently located. You won't have a lot of time to react to them, so destroy them before they zoom off.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Wynn.png

Wynns appear in a straight line of six. They will arrive on the top or bottom of the screen, and move in a straight diagonal line to the opposite side of the screen, firing a bullet at you while they pass through the action.

Rocketron Meda
Fantasy Zone II enemy Roketoron.png

Rocketrons appear in a diagonal formation of four. They line up on the screen and fire a series of bullets at you which arc downward as they fly. They don't pose much threat if you simply fly away from them.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Meda.png

Medas fly through the screen in a looping formation. Although they loop around, they fly rather fast when coming out of the loop, so it's easiest to kill them when they are more closely coiled together.

Fantasy Zone II enemy Chubi.png

Chubis are a very simplistic enemy. They appear in groups of five from the top of the screen to the bottom, flying left or right. The center Chubi flies the fastest, while the topmost and bottommost Chubis fly slowest.



Fantasy Zone II SMS Round 6 boss.png
Fantasy Zone II boss Accordlon.png

The boss of the sixth stage is called Accordlon. Similar to the second boss, this boss is separated into five horizontal slices. Each slice has to be destroyed independently to defeat the entire boss. Accordlon moves back and forth, with the stack of slices moving up as they approach the center of the screen, and dropping back down when they get close to one side or the other. For the most part, Opa Opa is safe in either of the two upper corners of the screen. However, the longer it takes for you to destroy Accordlon, the faster it gets. If you take too long to defeat it, it will stop moving back and forth and simply move under you and try to crush you.