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Far East of Eden
Developer(s)Red Entertainment
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft
Year introduced1989

Far East of Eden (天外魔境 Tengai Makyō?, lit. "Devil's World Far From Heaven") is a widely popular series of traditional console RPGs that are available in Japan and Taiwan.

Though originally intended to be only three games, it has grown to encompass a number of remakes, gaidens and genre spin-offs across a variety of platforms. Despite its relative popularity in Asian countries, the series is largely unknown in other territories, with only one game released overseas.

The main series is composed of three separate games within the land of "Jipang" (a fictionalized version of feudal Japan), each follows a descendant of the "Fire Clan" and supporting cast in battles against a range of often comical villains. The stories of the games, though primarily of fantasy fare, also attempt to provide commentary on common misconceptions about Japanese culture by western societies.

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