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Note: The game makes use mostly of random codes and phone numbers, which change each time you start a game. In the Amiga version, these are fixed. This walkthrough gives these codes in parentheses. If you play the PC version of the game, ignore the parentheses and note down those given in the game.

Pelican Hotel[edit]

You start at the hotel room with a Dr. Fayard Nichol's briefcase on the bed. For now you can't leave unless you find the vial.

The introduction described in the manual discreetly gives you the briefcase combination. Click on the briefcase and form the word A-A-R-G-H.

(Notice that if you attempt to leave three times in a row, Doralice will 'remember' the combination).

Take the toothbrush and change the volt setting.

Open the drawer and click on the adapter. Put it on the socket. Attach the toothbrush plug to the socket and click 'ON'. A secret compartment opens and you get the vial.

Click on the "Directory" and find the number to Q.U.L. (734-0825). Click on the phone and dial the number. However they won't allow you to talk with Miller.

You can click on the shower and watch a little cutscene with 3 nude images. Click to exit.

Go down to the lobby. Talk to the receptionist (Isalinda). This character serves as giving you hints about items you find, so you can show her things you have in your inventory.

Click in the ashtray and take the Token. Click on the object next to the plant and take the broken keyring. Show it to Isalinda and she will provide you the key.

Click on the table with the Newspapers and the magazines. The first newspaper you get says about Dr. Nichol's death. Click on the magazine and browse its pages (actually 3) with the sexy photographs. Notice the last page with the torn corner. You can see only the first 3 numbers of the photographer's number (674). While you are holding the magazine, click once more on the table to open the directory. You find Jeffrey Miller's personal number (555-1111).

Right now you can't go to the pool, so go back to your room (click on the elevator).

Click on the phone and dial Miller's number. He tells you to hide the vial somewhere safe and meet him at the Q.U.L to brief you further. He also gives you the code (A4621) to enter the building.

Open the freezer and put the vial in the empty ice container. Take the water jug on the coffee table and click it on the ice container. Optionally, you can drink the drinks provided there.

Now, you can unplug the toothbrush from the adapter and remove the adapter from the socket (it's automatically put back in the drawer), close the freezer and connect it to the socket. However if you don't do this, it won't affect the game (a bug?).

As you exit, your boyfriend Robaire de la Cafetiere calls you; he is waiting for you in the pool. Go to the lobby and click on the right to exit to the pool.

Talk to Prisca, she will tell you about a curious 'Inspector' inquiring about the Dr's death, and how she took some things from him (although she doesn't explain the reason). She gives you his flashlight (LAMP), which has a tiny writing, and no batteries. Take the hat from the post and give it to Prisca. The hat was sitting on a switch. Click it, and you can see the PENDANT, which you can take.

Talk to Sharon, the bartender, and order coffee. Take one sugar cube for the inventory. You can drink the coffee if you like.

Enter the booth on the background, and use the pool key Isalinda gave you on the keyhole. Close up on the cassette player, and use the TOKEN to unscrew the battery compartment (which looks quite similar to a token). Take the Battery, and now you have an operational flashlight.

Now exit. In case you want to return to the lobby, click on the sign above the booths. As always, you can show your inventory to Isalinda to see her comments. You have nothing else to do, so while you're at the pool, go to the exit. Robaire says that he will be waiting for you when you return to the Hotel.

Quantum Unlimited Laboratory[edit]

Enter the building by clicking on the QUL banner. Enter the coder Miller gave you. Inside, you can't pass further. You can press the button and the receptionist (who is playing Fascination on his computer) tells you that Miller is not in his office. If you bother him three times, you lose.

You can check the book on the desk, it's the walkthrough to the game, but unfortunately you can't browse it.

If you put the pointer on the key, the watchdog Cerberus will bark at you. Do not move the cursor away: open your inventory, take the SUGAR and give it to the dog. You can now take the key.

Exit to the street and enter the booth. Insert the TOKEN in the slot and call Miller again. Strangely, he is upstairs and is waiting for you. He says that he is about to leave, but he has recorded some instructions for you in his office, and gives you a secret combination (879).

Now enter the parking area by clicking on the sign. The code Miller gave you is for the elevator, however he forgot that it needs also a keycard.

You can harass the bum (Jon) to interrupt him from a 'sexy dream'. For some fun, you can also click on the aerial of the foreground car.

Now, open the closet with the KEY you got (locate its keyhole), and use the LAMP on the dark window to see. There is nothing of interest here, but on the right there is a Hook. Click on it to close the locker. Search the pocket of the janitor's uniform to find the CAR KEYS.

The janitor's car is on the row '69'. Locate its lock (some pixel hunting, next to Jon's head) and try to unlock it with the keys. Jon will tell you that the door is broken and the car needs a kick to open. The 'tire' is now detectable by the cursor; click it to see the interior. Locate the hardly-visible KEYCARD somewhere on the right and take it.

Now click on the elevator, insert the CARD and dial the 3 numbers Miller gave you. Now you can reach Miller's office... but here is the second dead body.

Click on his lapel and the silk handkerchief on his chest to place it on the table. Click it again to open it and find the microcassette with your message. Now you are to find a device to play it.

Browse the books on his study for some funny titles. Locate the Spring on the "Manual" and click it to discover his secret mini-bar. Click the cable and take the dictaphone to put it on the table.

The dictaphone is solar-powered so you need light. Turn on the lamp by clicking the nipple on the statue, and enter the microcassette into the dictaphone. He tells you your mission: there are three prototype vials; the one you have, one stolen by Dr. Peter Hillgate and one possessed by Kenneth Miller. You are to recover the stolen vial and deliver both to Kenneth. Doc's laboratory is hidden behind a lingerie store.

Lingerie store[edit]

Talk to Miz Taylor and take the newspaper off the table. It says about the Doc's recent birthday party in his private villa in Miami.

Go in the leftmost booth and click on the paper. It says how substances found in a kitchen, when combined can be lethal. It is a hint for later.

Exit and enter the middle booth which is now open. Click the shoe box and get the SHOE.

Exit and enter the rightmost booth. Go to the private door seen there. Click it once to open it a little bit. Notice the bell seen on the top and get it. Now you can open the door and enter the room.

Click on all posters to see what is behind. The man's poster hides a PADLOCK KEY. Move the packages on the shelves to find the safe on the lower left. Unlock the padlock with the KEY, and use the SHOE to unjam the bar. Now get the MAGNETIC LABEL and use it to pull the door.

Click on the combination lock three times and form the combination D-O-C.


You are now in the evil Doc's lab.

Click on the answering machine and press rewind and the play. You learn that the Doc is behind Miller's death, and that they know about you. You also learn that Doc's birthday was 2 months ago. For 'full score', rewind again and press erase.

Close up to the instruments by the machine and take the SCALPEL. Close up to the coat and click on the pocket twice; you get a MASK and a CLOSET KEY (strangely appears in the inventory as 'CLOSET').

Use the KEY on the keyhole, and for fun, browse the volumes on the top shelf, and the 'dick' on the skeleton. Click the documents and the PHOTOS. Click on them to browse and see again the name of 'Lou Dale'.

Now click on the jar, break it with the SHOE and take the two vials. You were told that the Doc stole one vial, but you find two. This should be a clue.

Your mission is over, exit through the right door to return to the hotel.

Pelican Hotel[edit]

Once more, pick up the newspaper which says about Miller's death (heart failure).

Talk to Isalinda who tells you about a package arriving for you, and Rob waiting in your room. As always, show your items to her.

Go to your room which has been ransacked. Click on the objects for some funny comments and to Rob who is lying in a coma on your bed. You can't leave unless you find where the vial has gone from the ice box. Click in the empty glass on the table to realize that Rob has drunk it.

Get the LAPEL PIN of the Red and Blue Club, from the floor next to the table (optional) and the box of CHOCOLATES intended for you from the table. (Actually the scenario doesn't make clear whether Rob is sleeping because of the interiors of the vial or the chocolate intended for you. Also it's not clear when your room was searched)

If you want, you can use the phone and call 0 for the receptionist; a police inspector is waiting for you downstairs.

It is Pedro di Helgos, the man in the wheelchair Prisca told you about. Click on Fa (the cat) and read its tag. He tells you about his other cats: Mi is black and Sol is white.

You can give/show some things to the inspector, but sometimes he keeps them, or he will put you out for being too nosy.

Talk to him. Your responses must indicate ignorance; avoid the responses that give out that you peeked into the investigation. In the end, deny to give the vial to him. The sequence to the responses is: 2,2,2,1,2,1

After he leaves, notice the scrap of paper that fell from him on the floor. It is the last 4 digits to Lou Dale's phone number (2121).

If you want, talk to Isalinda again, who will tell you that during the interrogation, she saw Rob running outside.

Go back to your room and call Lou Dale. You claim that you need to hire her for some job.

Leave your room to the Photo Studio.

Declic Gallery[edit]

Examine the car on the foreground. It seems that Lou Dale has visitors other than you. Look at the package with the underwear from the Doc's lingerie. Click also the lapel pin, which also belongs to the Red and Blue Club. Finally, take the 10 DOLLARS from the windshield on the right.

The main entrance doesn't answer so go to the service door. Click on the wastebin and take the newspaper. You see that Rob has turned into a rapist.

Use PHOTO on the door slot (the newspaper is too thick) and the SCALPEL on keyhole. Click on slot again to get the key and go inside.

You are now in the kitchen. If you open the service hatch you will see the visitor (Vance) noticing you, and will soon come to you. Don't open it for now.

Open all cupboards. If you want, you can examine the books on the lower right for some funny titles.

Click basin to place it on the table.

Wear the MASK. Take the CLOTH. Open the faucet and use the CLOTH on the faucet. Put it in the inventory or hang it on the hook on the lower right.

The following must be done quickly:

Click on the glass from upper left cupboard. It will drop safely into the bin below (if you hadn't opened the bin cupboard, Vance would notice you).

Take the BLEACH behind the glass and put it in the basin. Take AMMONIA and do the same. Take the LYE behind the cloth and do the same.

Click "OPEN" on the hatch. You see Vance noticing you. Click "OPEN" again to fully open the hatch. Click on the basin to put it in the window and close the hatch. You will see fumes passing through it, so click the WET CLOTH on the slot.

You have neutralized Vance and rescued Lou Dale.

Lou will narrate you some backstory. She was hired to take the photographs of Kenneth Miller you found. She also tells you that you can find him at the Red and Blue Club. She gives you his RING.

(The dialogue will be slightly different if you haven't found the pin.)

Red and Blue Club[edit]

Once you exit the cat, take the newspaper near the wastebin to learn more about Rob.

Click to the club sign and talk to Eduardo. For full score, show him the pin but he still denies you the entrance. Give him the 10 dollars.

Inside, you meet Kenneth. There is no certain logic for the answers he likes or dislikes so you must find them with trial and error. The correct sequence is: 2,2,1,2,1

He accepts your advances and takes you to his villa.

Villa Mollière[edit]

You have a love scene with Kenneth. You offer him something. If you show him the RING or the PENDANT he will kill you. Give him the CHOCOLATE. Soon he falls asleep.

Look at the tattoo and his PENDANT. Use your PENDANT (Adam) on it and see how they fit together. He is the person with whom the inspector was communicating with.

Look at his hand. Take the ring (STAMP) off his hand and see that the one Lou gave you doesn't fit his finger. You find out that he is not Kenneth.

Leave the room.

Talk to the parrot and take the CIGAR from his mouth.

Push the switch on the fish tank to turn the light on. Take the LANDNG NET from the floor and close up to the tank. Take the Shellfish (if you click on it twice it will bite your finger. If this happens, you cannot do things later and will be unable to finish the game). Take the PLANKTON and feed the shellfish with it. Get the PEARL with the LANDING NET.

Put the CIGAR in the statue's mouth, remove the patch and put the PEARL in his eye. A 'laser beam' with open an orifice on a statue.

Click on the orifice and use the STAMP on the panel to open a door.

Enter the door. You find yourself once more in the Doc's laboratory with the Doc himself there. He seizes you and you lose your senses.

Villa Vizcaya[edit]

You are once more with inspector di Helgos who tells you about how he saved you from Hillgate and that both he and Archie are in the cell. He has a dialogue with you; once more, avoid mentioning your investigations and deny giving him the vials. One possible sequence is: 1,2,1,2,1

You are in the bathroom. Open the waste bin and take the SYRINGE.

Open the cabinet. Close up the jar and open it. Use the SYRINGE on formalin. Optionally, take the SHAVING CREAM from the cabinet.

Locate the green tile on the left side hiding a mechanism. Click it and see the secret compartment. You find an underwear stolen from you!

Pick up the spray container. Open it, and put the FORMALIN in the container. Now go back to the inspector.

Use SPRAY on him to neutralize him. You understand that Doctor Peter Hillgate and Pedro di Helgos are the same person.

Notice that you can detect/search the pocket, but there is nothing there (possible bug?)

Exit and go to the lounge. You see the trio of the cats 'di Helgos' talked you about, with their tags. The black (Mi) is E, Fa is F and the white (Sol) is G. These are the correspondences between the European and the American music notes, and a hint for later.

Pick up the newspaper to learn more news about Rob.

Examine the paintings, especially the Nudity's Dream; in the close up push the trigger on the frame.

Remember the unreadable writing on the flashlight? Put the LAMP on the microscope and notice the word (BAD'GE). Having in mind the cats, it is actually a series of musical notes (the apostrophe is actually a sharp note).

Now use the SIGNET RING on the microscope to see Kenneth's birthdate.

Close up to the zodiac wheel above the organ. Push the button to turn it on. According to previous information, the present month is August and the Doc celebrated his birthday two months ago. Therefore he is either Gemini or Cancer.

Turn the pointer to the Gemini sign (it looks like the Roman numeral II) and play on the organ the notes on the flashlight (for example B A D' G E is Si La Re# Sol Mi).

A secret door opens. Enter it.

You find yourself in a cell with a sleeping prisoner. Examine him and his hand. Put the SIGNET RING on it and confirm that he is Kenneth Miller.

Take the LIGHTER from his pocket. Examine the wire box and the detector.

Put your newspapers (they must be 6 by now) on the table. It will work if you lost some during the game. Use the LIGHTER on them. The alarm is set off and the cell door opens.

The game is completed with a somehow disappointing ending. Talk to the people faces you met during the game to learn about their role and what you should had done with them. It is a way to find out if you achieved 'full score'.