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Fashion Designer: Style Icon
Box artwork for Fashion Designer: Style Icon.
Developer(s)Creative Patterns
Publisher(s)505 Games
Release date(s)
Globe.svg November, 2007
Genre(s)Simulation, Puzzle
System(s)Nintendo DS
PEGI: PEGI 3.png Ages 3+
TwitchFashion Designer: Style Icon Channel
YouTube GamingFashion Designer: Style Icon Channel

Fashion Designer: Style Icon is a dressmaking / fashion designing simulator made by French company Creative Patterns. You take the role of a young apprentice in a small fashion workshop and your aim is to become a well-known designer with your own clients. To do this, you have to compose patterns, choose fabrics and taylor your designs by cutting, sewing and ironing.

The main part of the game is the career mode, where you play a series of missions, creating clothes for various clients. In each mission you are rated on time, accuracy and style (how well you finished designs match what the client requires). In later mission you are attacked by an army of moths, led by General Gothmoth, who try to loot your precious fabrics. You have to fend them off while getting on with your designs.

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