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SNK Portrait Terry.png

Terry Bogard (テリー・ボガード) is an American fighter and the older brother of Andy Bogard. He is often referred to as the Legendary Hungry Wolf (from Garou Densetsu, meaning Legend of the Hungry Wolf).

Story (in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition)[edit]

FFWA Terry.png

Terry is the most respected, feared, admired, loved, and hated fighter you could possibly imagine in Southtown. His legend lives forever as a fighter with strong skills, solid moves, and a kind heart. He is not only known in Southtown, but in the whole world. Along with his dear brother Andy and friend Joe, the Lone Wolf aims to establish a new legacy in the world of fighting.


Portrait FFWA Terry.png
Buster Throw (close)Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Neck Hanging
(close from behind)Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Command Move
Backspin Attack Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Left.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Neck Breaker
(while dashing)Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.pngArcade-Button-BKick.png
Backspin Kick Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Charging Kick Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Fire Kick Arcade-Stick-Left.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Jumping Knee Kick Arcade-Stick-DR.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png
└►Power Dunk Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Special Move
Power Wave Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.png
Special Move
Round Wave Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
(hold Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png)
Rising Tackle Arcade-Stick-CDU.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.png
Burn Knuckle Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.png or Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Crack Shoot Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png or Arcade-NeoGeo-D.png
Power Dunk Arcade-Stick-DR.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.png, Arcade-Stick-UR.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Power Charge Arcade-Stick-Left.png,Arcade-Stick-DR.png+Arcade-Button-APunch.png
Super Move
Power Geyser Arcade-Stick-Qcb.pngArcade-Stick-DL.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-BKick.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Power Move
Triple Geyser Arcade-Stick-Qcb.pngArcade-Stick-DL.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png
Heat Up Geyser Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Qcbd.pngArcade-Stick-DDf.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png