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The ZX or C64's keyboard is the only control you will need to play; however, unlike in Creative Sparks's Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau you will have to type in the commands for Basil yourself, then push Enter to activate them. To make Basil move in one of the available directions listed on the screen, type in the initial of the direction you wish him to go, then press Enter (if you try to make him move in a direction he cannot go, he will say I can't go in that direction.), and to make him pick up one of the objects he sees on the screen, type in "TAKE (OBJECT NAME)" then press Enter, to which he shall say OK - and he can also drop an object he is carrying if you type in "DROP (OBJECT NAME)" and press Enter but if you give him an invalid command, he will say Sorry, I can't do that, and if you try to make him go to the "Ying-Tong-Fong" on foot he will say I'm not leaving the grounds without my motor, John!. Typing in "LOOK" and pressing Enter will also reset the current screen to its original state, while typing in "I" or "GET I" and pressing Enter shall list what Basil is carrying; typing in "QUIT" and pressing Enter shall also cause Basil to ask Do you really want to quit now? to which you must answer "YES" or "NO" (but you should only answer "YES" if you have absolutely no chance of winning). Typing in "SAVE" and pressing Enter will also save your current game position to tape, while typing in "LOAD" and pressing Enter will load a saved game - however, if using a ZX or C64 emulator to play the game, the "SAVE" and "LOAD" commands will have no effect which means you have no choice but to finish it in one sitting.