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Regular enemies[edit]

Monodron Zozura
Faxanadu enemy Monodron.png
Hit Points: 10 - Damage: 5
Drops: 59 Gold - Experience: 20
These one eyed creatures hop twice along the ground before taking a short break. Their movement is unpredictable, but they can be made to turn around if you hit them with your sword when they're in mid-jump.
Faxanadu enemy Zozura.png
Hit Points: 9 - Damage: 7
Drops: Small bread - Experience: 30
A small sightless creature that slowly crawls towards the nearest scent of food. It is so low to the ground, Hand Dagger attacks are useless against it. Until you get a better sword, use the fire magic of Deluge.
Zombie Snowman
Faxanadu enemy Zombie.png
Hit Points: 14 - Damage: 6
Drops: n/a - Experience: 25
A magically animated corpse, this is a weak enemy that slow plods along the ground in search of something to attack. They cannot jump, and are relatively easy targets if you approach them carefully.
Faxanadu enemy Snowman.png
Hit Points: 16 - Damage: 4
Drops: 100 gold - Experience: 55
Snowmen have a lot of energy, pacing back and forth at high speed. When they approach you, they leap at the last minute. It is possible to run beneath them if you keep advancing when they jump. Turn around and attack when they land.
Ikeda Myconid
Faxanadu enemy Ikeda.png
Hit Points: 17 - Damage: 7
Drops: 100 gold - Experience: 33
Unlike Snowmen, Ikedas jump nearly all the time, regardless of whether you are close or not. They are also not quite as fast as Snowmen, making it easier to predict where they will land so that you can attack them.
Faxanadu enemy Myconid.png
Hit Points: 22 - Damage: 14
Drops: Small bread - Experience: 26
Normally, these mushroom men walk slowly, but they will occasionally pick up their pace. They can hurt you if you touch them, but they are easy enough to avoid if you attack early. They drop health restoring bread.
Yuinaru Charron
Faxanadu enemy Yuinaru.png
Hit Points: 3 - Damage: 3
Drops: Small bread - Experience: 25
These dark fairies fly in strange patterns that alternate between fast and slow, and between sharply angled and straight. Their movement may be hard to predict the first time you encounter them, but watch them to discover their pattern.
Faxanadu enemy Charron.png
Hit Points: 26 - Damage: 7
Drops: 115 gold - Experience: 65
You will encounter these mages throughout most of the game. They have the ability to cast the spell of fire and shoot it straight ahead. Reduce the amount of damage you sustain from the attack by blocking it with a shield.
Hornet Sir Gawaine
Faxanadu enemy Hornet.png
Hit Points: 3 - Damage: 3
Drops: 53 gold - Experience: 25
Hornets fly up and down at a shallow angle, bouncing into walls and immediately turning around to fly in the opposite direction. They aren't especially fast, but they can cause a lot of problems for you if you let them gang up on you.
Faxanadu enemy Sir Gawaine.png
Hit Points: 35 - Damage: 12
Drops: 150 gold - Experience: 58
These odd off-shoots of dwarfs will run up to you and stop just outside of striking distance. Provided you have a Long Sword, your reach will be longer than theirs. Don't step closer to them and swing your sword for a safe attack.
Naga Sugata
Faxanadu enemy Naga.png
Hit Points: 23 - Damage: 23
Drops: Large bread - Experience: 35
Serpent like creatures which float harmless up and down, typically over ladders that you need to access. They do a lot of damage if you touch them. Defeating them rewards you with bread that provides the greatest health recovery in the game.
Faxanadu enemy Sugata.png
Hit Points: 22 - Damage: 3 - Drum attack: 10
Drops: 100 gold - Experience: 13
A mysterious musician that pounds upon a magic drum. At regular intervals, the magic of this drum will attack you regardless of where you stand. Seek to remove these enemies as quickly as possible.
Bihoruda Giant Strider
Faxanadu enemy Bihoruda.png
Hit Points: 5 - Damage: 4
Drops: 56 gold - Experience: 35
These flying enemies are more of a nuisance than a threat. They do relatively little damage, and their flight pattern is unusual and difficult to predict. Attack them if they get in your way, otherwise ignore them.
Faxanadu enemy Giant Strider.png
Hit Points: 29 - Damage: 15
Drops: 128 gold - Experience: 48
A strange dim-witted bird which likes to run straight at a target. They hop off the ground and every now and then. They can be persuaded to turn around with a quick sword strike, but they will quickly change their mind again.
Grimlock Necron Aides
Faxanadu enemy Grimlock.png
Hit Points: 29 - Damage: 13
Drops: 98 gold - Experience: 58
A less evolved humanoid, Grimlocks slowly pace the ground until they sense a threat. Then enter a frenzied state, speeding up and leaping at whatever has frightened them. They continue their fast pace when they land.
Faxanadu enemy Nekron Aides.png
Hit Points: 24 - Damage: 8
Drops: 90 gold - Experience: 55
They like to situate themselves on ladders, blocking your progress upward. When they are struck, they fall to the ground and proceed to pace back and forth until they are defeated.
Nash Yareeka
Faxanadu enemy Nash.png
Hit Points: 12 - Damage: 5 - Magic damage: 8
Drops: 98 gold - Experience: 60
This is a rare enemy that you will only encounter in one place, and it appears so high off the ground that you can't reach it. It warps into view, casts a spell at you, and then vanishes again.
Faxanadu enemy Yareeka.png
Hit Points: 48 - Damage: 18
Drops: Medium bread - Experience: 30
An enchanted squid that is given the ability to survive and fly through the air. It moves strictly to the left and right, and it speeds up and slows down at regular intervals. You'll have to attack it frequently before it drops bread.
Lamprey Giant Bees
Faxanadu enemy Lamprey.png
Hit Points: 56 - Damage: 16
Drops: Medium bread - Experience: 30
Although it has a lot of health, and can do considerable damage to you, this is a very simple enemy to beat, largely because of its size and slow speed. It takes many hits to defeat, but it will drop health restoring bread.
Faxanadu enemy Giant Bees.png
Hit Points: 19 - Damage: 5
Drops: 115 gold - Experience: 29
A single bee is hardly a threat, but a trio of giant bees is another story. Once they lock on to your position, they swarm around you and sting you without mercy until they are defeated. Take care when other enemies are around.
Ishiisu Fire Giant
Faxanadu enemy Ishiisu.png
Hit Points: 24 - Damage: 13 - Magic damage: 8
Drops: 120 gold - Experience: 10
Only found in one area of the game, this enchantress will fire magic at you whenever you dare to gaze upon it. However, if you turn away, it will do nothing to attack you. It offers little experience.
Faxanadu enemy Fire Giant.png
Hit Points: 20 - Damage: 7
Drops: 90 gold - Experience: 45
A giant in name only, these relatives of minotaurs are actually quite passive, and seem to have been forced into the fight. They often hold their position until they sense you are close, then run in to attack.
Raiden Mask Man
Faxanadu enemy Raiden.png
Hit Points: 18 - Damage: 7
Drops: 56 gold - Experience: 35
Raidens don't move in an intuitive way. They appear to run back and forth much faster than their bodies are capable of. Yet, when they attempt to leap into the air, they jump very high, but they move forward very slowly.
Faxanadu enemy Maskman.png
Hit Points: 20 - Damage: 7
Drops: 90 gold - Experience: 45
These barbarians like nothing more than to find intruders to strike with their clubs. They typically move back and forth, making two small jumps before executing a larger final leap. Their weapon gives them a long reach.
Geributa Wolf Man
Faxanadu enemy Geributa.png
Hit Points: 18 - Damage: 10
Drops: 78 gold - Experience: 40
This is a single minded enemy that runs extremely quickly no matter what is taking place around it. When it senses an enemy nearby, it focuses its running in the direction of the threat, but it never slows down.
Faxanadu enemy Wolfman.png
Hit Points: 38 - Damage: 17
Drops: 190 gold - Experience: 49
This enemy behaves extremely similar to the Sir Gawaines described above. However, it is far stronger and more deadly, often lining themselves up to ambush enemies that dare to approach their territory. Approach with caution.
Lilith Execution Hood
Faxanadu enemy Lilith.png
Hit Points: 7 - Damage: 5
Drops: n/a - Experience: 25
Liliths are deposited on to the screen, three at a time, by Pakukames (described below). They swarm around you making it difficult to move around freely and avoid damage. Until the Pakukame is destroyed, they continue to appear.
Faxanadu enemy Execution Hood.png
Hit Points: 100 - Damage: 13 - Magic damage: 8
Drops: 230 gold - Experience: 50
This enemy is incredibly hardy and takes a tremendous amount of abuse before it go down. It isn't very mobile and mostly hops around, but it can spit projectiles at you. It appears only in a room in the final fortress.
Magman Tamazutsu
Faxanadu enemy Magman.png
Hit Points: ? - Damage: ?
Drops: 200 gold - Experience: 172
Magman disappears every few seconds, and then reappears a moment later in another random position, so it is better to move carefully, to avoid ending up on him.
Faxanadu enemy Tamazutsu.png
Hit Points: ? - Damage: ?
Drops: 120 gold - Experience: 15
This enemy emerges from the ground at regular intervals and does not move from his position. Easy to kill.


Ripasheiku Borabohra
Faxanadu boss Ripasheiku.png
Hit Points: 75 - Damage: 18 - Magic damage: 28
Drops: 720 gold - Experience: 90
This is the first boss that you will encounter. A giant demon, it flies up to the ceiling, drops back down, and belches four blasts of magic fire at you before repeating the process. These four blasts make approaching them incredibly difficult. Magic is a safer alternative, especially if you can fire it while standing on a platform that protects you from its fire. Once defeated, it drops a lot of gold.
Faxanadu boss Borabohra.png
Hit Points: 75 - Damage: 18
Drops: 720 gold - Experience: 90
These snake-like creatures crawl out of the ground, and very slowly advance on the hero. They can cause a lot of damage, but they don't speed up or jump around, so they are very predictable. Their only weak point is their head, so you must jump up and swing your sword at the peak of your jump. Continue this strategy until it is defeated.
Zorugeriru Rokusutahn
Faxanadu boss Zorugeriru.png
Hit Points: 24 - Damage: 11 - Rock damage: 31
Drops: 80 gold - Experience: 80
Faxanadu enemy rock.png
This unusual enemy stands on a high ledge operating the machine. The machine causes seismic disruptions in the room, loosing boulders which rain down from the top of the screen to the bottom. The creature itself is not capable of doing much damage, but the rocks that fall are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, the creature itself is invulnerable to attack. It is the machine that you must attack to defeat it.
Faxanadu boss Rockstun.png
Hit Points: 70 - Damage: 20
Drops: 480 gold - Experience: 120
This boss is very similar to the Borabohra boss described above. However, it moves a little more hesitantly than the snake boss, and it hops up and down on occasion. Its legs are invulnerable to attack, so you must jump up and strike it in the plate-like head to do damage to it. It can sustain many hits, but it drops a good amount of gold when it is finally defeated.
Zoradohna Pakukame
Faxanadu boss Zoradohna.png
Hit Points: 115 - Damage: 28
Drops: 880 gold - Experience: 158
This boss is not to be taken lightly. It has a high level of health and can do a good amount of damage to you. It hovers left or right towards you, and leaps off the ground. It flies to one side of the screen or the other before resume its floating behavior. The best strategy to employ against it is to pin it against one side of the screen. As it falls down to the ground, it will attempt to leap back to the middle of the screen. At that time, hit it with your weapon, and it will be forced to turn around and move harmlessly against the side. Repeat this pattern until it's defeated and it will not harm you.
Faxanadu enemy Pakukame.png
Hit Points: 40 - Damage: 12
Drops: 384 gold - Experience: 85
Though considered a boss enemy, you are not required to defeat this enemy at any time. Nor can it move to attack you. They are rooted to one spot on the ceiling. They release Liliths on to the screen, up to three at one time. Until it is defeated, it will continue to replace Liliths that you defeat with more of them.
King Grieve
Faxanadu boss King Grieve.png
Hit Points: 250 - Damage: 38 - Flame attack: 27
King Grieve is the boss of Fraternal Castle. Once the king of the dwarfs, he has been transformed into the dragon-like monster that you encounter. He flies up and down through the room before breathing four blasts of fire at you. Far more powerful and dangerous than a Ripasheiku, you must brave these blasts to get close enough to him in order to strike him. Having Red Potions in your inventory is helpful and highly recommended when you go to fight against him. Tilte magic is considerably effective against him. Defeat him and the Dragon Slayer sword will be released.
Shadow Eura
Faxanadu boss Shadow Eura.png
Hit Points: 250 - Damage: 43 - Flame attack: 28
The final boss of the game has been empowered by the twisted evil emanating from the meteorite. He must be destroyed in order to restore peace to all of the beings that dwell within the Great Tree. He lurches towards you, blowing blasts of flame in your direction as he moves. While you may wish to strike him with the Dragon Slayer, under no circumstances should you get close enough to him to be touched by him. You must jump to hit him with a sword. It can be just as effective to blast him with Tilte magic, which you should fire as rapidly as possible. Unlike the sword, magic seems effective if it hits any part of his body.