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Faxanadu illustration.jpg

Faxanadu is a linear adventure game. You begin in the town of Eolis in the kingdom of the Elves, at the bottom of the tree. You must progress through the game, obtaining key items which enable you to proceed further and higher up the tree. You will not be able to proceed to the next section of the game without successfully completing the quest that awaits you at each section. Below is a list of the items you need to collect throughout the game, and the area to which they will grant you access.

Item Location Description
Faxanadu item mattock.png Tower of Trunk Break down the wall between Apolune and Forepaw.
Faxanadu item key joker.png Tower of Fortress Find the spring in the sky and return to the cathedral in the Tower of Fortress to obtain the unique Joker Key that opens the hut below the sky.
Faxanadu item ring ruby.png The hidden spring Push the boulder off of the fountain and gain access to the path to Mascon.
Faxanadu item black onyx.png Tower of Mist Show the Black Onyx to the man in the house next to the locked door to receive the Ace Key.
Faxanadu item key ace.png In the house above Victim Use the Ace Key to open the door which leads to the branches.
Faxanadu item battle suit.png In the branches Collect the Battle Suit and bring it back to the Guru in Conflate to obtain a new ring.
Faxanadu item ring dwarf.png Conflate Use the Ring of Dwarfs to open the door at the end of the branches to enter Dartmoor Castle.
Faxanadu item dragon slayer.png Fraternal Castle Defeat the transformed King Grieve to obtain the Dragon Slayer, and bring it back to the Guru inside Fraternal Castle to obtain the last ring.
Faxanadu item ring demon.png Fraternal Castle Once you have collected this ring, you can access the doors which lead to the Evil Fortress, and the final confrontation with the Evil One.