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Hidden Rabbits
3. Candle flame on the top half of the touch screen 4. Candle base on the bottom half of the touch screen


You may be able to get her to notice you by giving a super performance. So that is what you do. A giant candle appears from nowhere. As you and the Rub Rabbits stare in amazement, a plan is needed as the candles are getting closer.


Blow on the touch screen to blow out the candle. Try rubbing the body in an upward motion too. The performers get wheezy and dizzy after about three blows, so make sure you time them right. By touching one of the performers, that will cause them not to blow whilst the rest will. This can be used if two candles are on the screen. In later stages, bats will fly across the screen causing them to weaken the wind and blowing strength, so time the blows.