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Hidden Rabbits
1. Goldfish in the mans stomach


You have just fallen in love with a girl standing nearby. But there is also a man nearby holding a goldfish bowl with goldfish in it. The man bumps into you causing the bowl to be flung into the air. The fish fall out and get swallowed into the man's throat. You have to get the fish out quickly.


You'll start off having to just remove fish, but as levels increase you'll be removing turtles and faster fish. Rapidly rubbing all fish/turtles one after another should mean that none of them will be lost and eventually they'll all be coughed back up. Make sure you guide the fish towards the throat as well, don't just rub upwards.


Level Difficulty
1 Two goldfish
2 Three goldfish
3 Three goldfish, occasional wave (Man swallowing)
4 Three small fish, occasional wave
5 Five small fish, occasional wave
6 Two turtles, occasional wave
7 Five goldfish, regular waves
8 Five small fish, regular waves
9 Three turtles, regular waves
10 Four small fish, one turtle, regular waves