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Continuing to impress the girl with "super great performances", this time your character spray-paints graffiti on the façade of a building prop.


The shapes that you have to colour in are:

  • 1 large heart
  • 2 medium hearts
  • 5 small hearts
  • 1 large shooting-star
  • 3 Rub Rabbits

In all of the challenges, you have to scribble the stylus within the borders of the shape. Once the shape is coloured enough, the outline will turn from yellow to blue. By putting a little pressure on the stylus you are able to leave larger dollops of paint instead of the sparser spray.

Throughout your painting, people will fall past the screen, and you must avoid spraying them. The only way to avoid them is to either stop painting completely or to paint an area where they are not falling. This is a must in the last two levels. The people always fall in a certain pattern. The key is to know the pattern and to be painting where they are not falling. This will require skipping from one part of the shape to another constantly.