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Fez's world contains several examples of encoded language and symbols.


Alphabet cipher key. Each column contains all permutations of a given symbol.

When blocks of text are written, such as when the Hexahedron speaks, the way to decipher the text is to read it like so:

  1. Start at the top right.
  2. Read down first. At the end of the column, begin reading from the next column to the left.
  3. Do not rotate the glyphs (or your head) to read them.


Numbers key.

The way the symbols are formed for numbers is different than for words.

Button combinations/shift cipher[edit]

Button combination key. LT and RT refer to Left Trigger and Right Trigger, or left rotate and right rotate.

When button combinations are written, they look like a single vertical line of symbols with few variations. That is because there are only seven buttons used for these codes: Up dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, LT button, RT button, and A button.

To read these symbols, rotate your head to the right, rotating the image 90° counterclockwise, so that the symbols can be read from left to right. You will have to think carefully about the border of each symbol, as they can sometimes be tricky to differentiate between symbols. Luckily, you can try out a secret button combo as many times as you like so if you get it wrong the first time it does not matter.


This example shows a string of symbols as presented in game. They read as: Left, Left rotation, Left, Right, Right rotation, Down, Up, and Left rotation. or Left dpadLT buttonLeft dpadRight dpadRT buttonDown dpadUp dpadLT button