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Field Combat
Box artwork for Field Combat.
Japanese title フィールドコンバット
Developer(s) Jaleco
Publisher(s) Jaleco
Distributor(s) Wii Virtual Console
Release date(s)
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Genre(s) Action
System(s) Arcade, Famicom, Wii
Players 1-2
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Field Combat was an action game where you fight as a single commanding officer in a generic futuristic battlefield. The object of the game is to make it all the way to the end of the battlefield. As you encounter the enemy, you can fire a beam that allows you to hypnotize the agents of your enemy and employ them in your fight. It came out in 1985 and was quickly eclipsed by the likes of Commando and Ikari Warriors. It was only released in Japan, and was ported to the Famicom.


Table of Contents

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