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This is the second map in the TNT: Evilution series.


Map of the floor

To complete the level, the following tasks must be performed:

  • Collect the red key.
  • In the red key area, flip the switch that opens the window overlooking the staircase.
  • Collect the yellow key.
  • Reach the exit.

At the start of the map, you should see four imps and a former sergeant observing a bonfire. Deal with them, and use the door between the two green torches to continue.

Head straight down the corridor, watching for chaingunners or attackers as you pass the side corridors and window. As you loop around the end of the corridor, you can collect the red keycard. This will also open a nearby door containing a chainsaw and and spectres.

With the red key, head out into the courtyard and open the red door to the north. Follow the corrodior to the next room, defeating the enemies as necessary. In this room, the back wall will open to reveal imps and other enemies once you step onto the green terrain. If you shoot at the imps but miss, demons will attack from behind.

You will need to get up the stairs, but they are too high. Flip a switch behind the stairs; this opens the window above and also opens the northern wall to reveal cacodemons and a pain elemental. After dealing with them, head back to the alcove overlooking the stairs, and jump from the window. Collect the yellow key.

With the yellow key in hand, you can head to the exit. The yellow door is located near where you collected the red key. However, additional enemies will also appear as you progress through the outer platform.


The four secrets are marked in purple on the map:

  1. Near the yellow keycard; opens when you reach the card
  2. A hidden blue key door is in the east room, near where the imps arrive. Check the south wall in that area. You can enter the teleporter for a supercharge and other items.
  3. The Middle area within the western courtyard. To reach it, flip the switch in the western alcove of the exit path. Backtrack to the chainsaw area, and enter the teleporter to reach a supercharge. (On easy, this is a medikit.)
  4. Near the exit, you can jump into the chaingunner post. This contains armor; better quality armor is available on higher difficulty levels.

Behind the blue key door is an area where you can collect a supercharge. When you pick it up, the walls will lift to reveal monsters, a set of teleporters, and a weapon. The weapon is a chaingun on easy, and a super-shotgun otherwise. To reach it, flip the middle switch found in the corner. All other switches open a teleporter that can telefrag monsters on the other teleport destinations.


  • The southeast area behind the blue door contains a rocket launcher and blue armor.
  • A BFG is near the yellow key card secret.
  • There are two super shotguns, a chaingun and a megasphere in the north-east room.
  • Berserk is near the chainsaw.
  • Two chainguns are in the western area.
  • A rocket launcher and shotgun can be found in the western exit alcoves.
  • A backpack is located at the exit.
  • A super shotgun is near the entrance.

This map has one notable feature: The BFG and megasphere are in close proximity and can give a significant advantage. However, he will be forced to go through the red door, and can be intercepted as necessary.