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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Characters are presented here in the same order they are met during the game.

See the Bosses page for all information about bosses and other opponent characters.

King of Cornelia[edit]

The King of Cornelia

Ruler of Cornelia and father of Princess Sarah, he sent messengers around the world to find the Light Warriors. As a test, he sent them on a quest to defeat Garland and save the princess before repairing the bridge to Pravoka.

Princess Sarah[edit]

Princess Sarah
  • Original Name: Princess Sara

Daughter of the Cornelian king, Sarah was kidnapped by the knight Garland. Once returned to Cornelia, she will give the Light Warriors the Lute that Garland stole from the castle.


Matoya the witch

Matoya is a blind witch who needs the Crystal Eye to see. She lives in a cave north of Conelia with her animated, speaking brooms. She is the only person capable of creating the potent Jolt Tonic needed to break the curse that Astos cast upon the Prince of Elfheim, but is unable to do so without seeing.

Elf Prince[edit]

Elf Prince

The ruler of Elfheim who was put into a magical sleep by the Dark Elf Astos. He can only be awaken with the Jolt Tonic from Matoya.


A dwarf

The Dwarves of Mt. Duergar are working on building a canal that will allow passage from the Inner Sea to the rest of the world, however they need Nitro Powder from Cornelia Castle to finish the project. One of the dwarves is a master blacksmith, capable of forging the powerful sword Excalibur from Adamantine.

Dr. Unne[edit]

Dr. Unne

An expert linguist, Dr. Unne can help people understand the language of the Lufenians if they bring him the Rosetta Stone from the Sunken Shrine


Sarda, the great sage

A powerful sage who lives in a cave west of Melmond, he will give the Light Warriors the Earth Rod, which will grant them passage to the lowest levels of the Terra Cave. Sarda's cave is on the other side of the Titan's Cave, guarded by the ruby loving Titan.

Circle of Sages[edit]

One of the sages

Nine sages, including the prophet Lukin, who live in Crescent Lake. They will tell the Light Warriors about the four Fiends, and after defeating the Lich, give them a Canoe.


The prophet Lukin
  • Original Name: Lukahn

Lukahn is a wise and knowledgeable sage and prophet. He formerly lived in Cornelia, but soon joined the Circle of Sages at Crescent Lake. Before leaving, he prophesied to the King of Cornelia that the Light Warriors would return peace and balance to the world. After that, the King sent people out to find the Light Warriors and bring them to Cornelia.



The King of the Dragons, Bahamut, rules over the Cardia Island and rewards adventures who bring him proof of their courage. After completing The Trials he will change the Light Warriors' classes.


Underhill the desert trader

A lone merchant in the great desert on the western continent, the trader has recently acquired a Bottled Faerie. Once she is returned home, she will help the Light Warriors out.


The faerie

A faerie who lives in the pond on the north side of Gaia. She was recently kidnapped, stuck in a bottle, and sold to the Desert trader. Once released she will return to Gaia and give the Light Warriors Oxyale.


Inhabitants of the (now sunken) shrine in Onrac, they are in danger of becoming extinct ever since the Kraken took control of the shrine and the Crystal of Water.


A Lufenian
  • Original Name: Lefians

An ancient and highly advanced race, the Lufenians built technological marvels such as the robots, the Tower of Mirage, and the Flying Fortress. The remaining Lufenians retreated to the forests south of Gaia and established a new town.


A robot

Built long ago by the Lufenians, the robots were designed to aid them in the Flying Fortress. After Tiamat took control of the Fortress, one of the robots stole the Warp Cube from the Tower of Mirage and hid in the Waterfall Cave.