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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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The time loop was served at last.
The battle spanning 2000 years came to an end, and peace prevailed.
The light of the four crystals revived the wind, water, earth, and fire.
It all began with a trivial misunderstanding, but it was enough to open Garland's heart of darkness.
His hatred swelled with the four forces of nature, and from it were born the four fiends of chaos.

Evil swallowed the world, plunging it into darkness.
But that is now part of the stuff of legends, thanks to the courage and strength of the four warriors.

The warriors will travel in time once more.
The world to which they will be restored to it's nature state.
Princess Sarah, Queen Jane, and even Garland will be there, oblivious to what happened in that time twisted dimension.

But when did it all happen?
The source of chaos lay in a strand of time looped around to connect 2000 years.
Four warriors were chosen by the very same forces that had plunged the world into darkness.
These four forces were the key to banishing the darkness as well.

And when everything was over... the memories of the four warriors' journey to the past was destined to be lost forever.
But their deeds will survive in people's hearts as legend. The tales will be passed down for generations to come.
Dwarves and Elves, Dragons, and people who reach for the stars - all will cherish the tales.

The warriors are returning. Traveling back from the world 2000 years past.
With the memory of their journey buried deep within their hearts, they will carry on their lives and watch over the world.
Never forget... the light of this world must always be guided in the right direction. If it goes astray, darkness will come again.

A crystal shines within every heart.
A crystal gleams within your heart, too... for you are the one who fought the battle spanning 2000 years.

May the world be blessed with light for eternity.