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For consumable items, see items.

Key items are sorted here according to the chapter where they are used.

"NES name" refers to the name of the item in the NES version.

The Kingdom of Corneria[edit]

See The Temple of Chaos.

The Journey Begins[edit]

Location: Defeat Bikke's pirates in Pravoka.
Used: Sea.
Description: It allows to travel the seas, but it can only land on jetties.

The Prince of Elfland[edit]

Location: Marsh Cave
Used: Western Keep and Citadel of Trials
Description: Leads to the fight with Astos and allows you to take the Trials
Crystal Eye
NES name: Crystal
Location: Western Keep, taken from Astos
Used: Matoya's Cave
Description: Trade with Matoya for the Jolt Tonic
Jolt Tonic
NES name: Herb
Location: Matoya's Cave after you return her Crystal Eye
Used: Elven Castle
Description: Wakes the Elf Prince
Mystic Key
Location: Elven Castle, after you wake the Elf Prince
Used: Cornelia Castle, Marsh Cave, Temple of Chaos, Western Keep, Elven Castle, Mt. Duergar
Description: Lets you open the locked doors

The Crystal of Earth[edit]

Nitro Powder
NES name: TNT
Location: Cornelia Castle, behind a locked door
Used: Mt. Duergar, give to a dwarf
Description: Creates a canal with the explosion
Star Ruby
NES name: Ruby
Location: Terra Cave, after fight with the Vampire
Used: Titan's Cave
Description: Give to the Titan to pass
Earth Rod
NES name: Rod
Location: Sage's Cave, but you have to get through the third floor of the Terra Cave first
Used: Terra Cave
Description: Lets you to open the seal after the Vampire

The Crystal of Fire[edit]

Location: Crescent Lake, after defeating Lich
Used: Rivers
Description: Lets you to travel on rivers

The Airship and The Trials[edit]

NES name: Floater
Location: Ice Cavern
Used: Lykion Desert
Description: Used to create the airship
Location: Ryukahn Desert
Used: Sky and grasslands.
Description: It allows to travel in the sky, but it can only land on grasslands.
Rat's Tail
NES name: Tail
Location: Citadel of Trials
Used: Bahamut's Cave
Description: Give to Bahamut to get the class upgrade

The Crystal of Water[edit]

Bottled Faerie
NES name: Bottle
Location: Desert Caravan
Used: Anywhere, but the faerie only appears in Gaia
Description: Releases a faerie that makes Oxyale
Location: Gaia, release the Bottled Faerie and then go to the pond on the north side of the town
Used: Onrac
Description: Lets you to use the submarine in Onrac

The Crystal of Air[edit]

Rosetta Stone
NES name: Slab
Location: Sunken Shrine, top floor
Used: Melmond
Description: Give to Dr. Unne to learn the Lefian language
NES name: Chime
Location: Lufenia
Used: Yukon Desert
Description: Lets you to enter the Tower of Mirage
Warp Cube
NES name: Cube
Location: Waterfall Cave
Used: Tower of Mirage
Description: Used to enter the Flying Fortress

The Temple of Chaos[edit]

NES name: Adamant
Location: Flying Fortress, southwest room of floor 2
Used: Mt. Duergar
Description: Creates the sword Excalibur
Location: Cornelia Castle, after you rescue the princess
Used: Temple of Chaos (Past)
Description: Opens the seal in the Temple of Chaos (Past)