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World Map[edit]

In all releases, you could obtain a world map by pressing Circle or B and Select at the same time. This is a hint given to you early on in Matoya's Cave; take what the brooms have to say and spell it backwards.

Sliding Puzzle Game[edit]

You can play this game by pressing a button combination 55 times (23 times on the GBA and PSP). Yes, you really have to press the button 55 times but it's worth it. Every time you beat your high score you get free money. You must be on your ship when you enter the commands. This can come in handy right after leaving Pravoka when you need extra Gil. Have fun!

Version Hold and Press to Win
Original (NES) A button B button 100G
Origins (PS1) Cross button Circle button 10,000 Gil
Dawn of Souls (GBA) A button B button 10,000 Gil
20th Anniversary Ed. (PSP) Cross button Circle button 10,000 Gil

Power peninsula[edit]

A tiny strip of land (only two tiles) located in the northeast corner of Pravoka country where enemies normally from the Lufenia region can be found. Originally a programming glitch, the "bug" was so popular that Squaresoft kept it in all releases. When you first reach Pravoka for the first time you will likely be killed instantly by them, however if you do manage to win a battle, you'll be able to gain levels at an incredibly fast rate. To get there, go south from Pravoka until you hit mountains, then east until you reach more mountains, and finally head north until you cannot go any further north. If you do decide to go, save your game first.

Hall of Giants[edit]

Another popular place to gain experience and gold, the Hall of Giants is a loop on the left side of the first floor of the Terra Cave. While the giants are at about the same power level as the other enemies, they give a fair amount of experience and gold, and in the hall you will face giants and only giants, and the encounter rate is significantly higher. You'll take a lot of damage fighting, so you may want to make a separate trip instead of on your way to fight the Vampire or Lich.