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Cornelia Kingdom

Lukahn's prophecy foretold of a time when four Warriors of Light would come to save the world from darkness. That time has come, and your long journey begins here. Follow your destiny to faraway lands, make new allies, battle unspeakable foes and eventually face the Fiend of Earth, Lich, in hope of relighting the first of four crystals.

Cornelia Castle[edit]

Cornelia Castle Floor 1
Cornelia Castle Floor 2

When you start the game, you'll appear in front of a huge kingdom. Postpone exploring the town in favor of visiting the castle. In the castle, collect information and visit the king by taking the staircase in the center. On the ground floor of the castle, you will find the treasure vaults by following the path to the right of the castle entrance. There you will find two wise men and two locked doors. Both recount how 400 years ago, the vaults were locked with a mystic Key, and that the Key was given to the Prince of Elfland for safekeeping.

Everyone in Cornelia Castle seems to have heard of the Light Warriors, including the King. Visit him on the second floor to learn how the legendary Light Warriors can help. It seems the King can do nothing to save his daughter, who has been kidnapped by Garland. He places his trust in the Light Warriors and requests that you find Princess Sara and return her safely home. If you succeed, in return he will commission the reconstruction of the bridge to the northern continent.

Cornelia Castle Treasure Vault items

All of the treasures in the castle are trapped behind doors locked with the mystic Key. You'll have to recover the Key first in order to plunder the vault. In the original game, the vaults provided pieces of equipment that were slightly better than what you might already have. In the upgraded version, the vault provides more party healing utilities. No matter what it's called, don't forget to grab the explosive key item, Nitro Powder (TNT).

  • A: Iron Armor
  • B: NES - Iron Shield, GBA - Tent
  • C: Nitro Powder (NES name: TNT)
  • D: NES - Iron Staff, GBA - Cottage
  • E: Saber
  • F: Mythril Knife (NES name: Silver knife)

Cornelia Town[edit]

Town of Cornelia
Optimal Equipment

You begin with 400 gold (or 500 in GBA), so you should have enough money to buy the following weapons/armor combinations for each Warrior:

  • Fighter: Rapier/Chain Mail
  • Thief: Rapier/Leather Armor
  • Monk: Nunchaku/Leather Armor
  • Red Mage: Rapier/Chain Mail
  • White Mage: Hammer/Clothes
  • Black Mage: Staff/Clothes

The town of Cornelia was once called the city of dreams. That was before darkness and rot spread across the Earth. The Light Warriors should prepare for their quest by purchasing weapons, armor and magic in the town shops. You'll also learn that to the east lies a port city called Pravoka and that Lukahn the Prophet has gone to Crescent Lake.

When shopping for spells, remember that you can only purchase three spells per magic level. Be sure to purchase Cure for your White Mage, and both Fire and Bolt for your Black Mage. Get all three for a Red Mage. Dia, a white-magic attack, will also prove helpful when facing the undead of the Chaos Shrine. Also, purchase Sleep for your black-magic spellcasters. Sleep, like Dia, affects all enemies and can get your party out of a jam. It's even sometimes effective against Garland, the boss of the Chaos Shrine.

Before charging recklessly to the Chaos Shrine, spend some time battling enemies in the overworld near Cornelia. You'll gain experience to level up your party members and earn gil to buy the armor, weapons, items and spells necessary for surviving the road ahead. When your party is weak, use the inn in Cornelia to restore HP and MP.

Most of the enemies that you'll encounter around Cornelia are Goblins, who are easily dispatched even by a White Mage. Goblin Guards are slightly stronger, but still not much of a challenge. Wolves and their large packs will present a little more resistance. Crazy Horses (Mad Ponies) are the toughest here, and may require you to run away from battle if your HP is too low. Build your characters up to Level 2 or 3, and use the gold obtained from your battles to buy a few Heal Potions in Cornelia. Make sure you go back to the inn and save your game before going after Garland.

Cornelia Shops
Inn: 40 Gil Sanctuary: 30 Gil
L1 White magic: 100 (50) Gil L1 Black magic: 100 (50) Gil
Cure, Dia, Protect, Blink Fire, Thunder, Sleep, Focus
Weapons Armor Items Items (GBA/AE)
Nunchaku: 10 (8) Gil Clothes: 10 (8) Gil Potion: 60 (40) Gil Potion: 40 Gil
Knife: 5 (4) Gil Leather Armor: 50 (40) Gil Antidote: 75 (50) Gil Antidote: 50 Gil
Staff: 5 (4) Gil Chain Mail: 80 (65) Gil Sleeping Bag: 75 (50) Gil Sleeping Bag: 50 Gil
Rapier: 10 (8) Gil Ether: 150 Gil
Hammer: 10 (8) Gil Phoenix Down: 500 Gil

Chaos Shrine[edit]

Chaos Shrine

The Chaos Shrine isn't very big, but there still exists the potential for some dangerous random encounters. Tarantulas and Skeletons are easy to get rid of, though the spiders can poison you. Zombies and Ghouls are easy enough to take care of by hand, so don't waste Dia and Fire spells. Warg Wolves and Werewolves are where the most trouble lies; both have lots of HP (around 70) and the Werewolf can poison you. Just run; they aren't worth the trouble.


The two treasure rooms on the right are locked with the mystic Key, so focus on the two left rooms for now. From the stairs, take the first left down the tight corridor to reach the bottom left room. You'll pick up a Leather Helmet (Cap) from A. At the upper left treasure room you'll find a Tent (Cabin) in B and a Potion (Heal) in C. Take them all and give the helmet to your weakest character (+1 absorb, -1 Evade%). Garland and Princess Sarah await you in the center of the temple.

Upon entering Garland's throne room, you'll notice the Princess behind him, not to mention his pet bats. Step forward and Garland will greet the Light Warriors with threats and insults. His confidence is great, but your might is greater still. At this point you cannot prevent battle and escape the room. You'll have to fight to the finish.

Chaos Shrine locked room items

Just like in Cornelia Castle, you'll need to obtain the mystic key in order to investigate all of the chests in the Chaos Shrine. Hidden behind the two right doors are powerful weapons that specialize in attacks against certain types of creatures. Though some versions give the treasures different names, they're still the same items.

  • D: NES - Were Sword, GBA - Werebuster
  • E: NES - Soft, GBA - Golden Needle
  • F: NES - Rune Sword, GBA - Runebuster


Garland from the PSP/iPhone version.
Garland from the PS1 version.
  • HP: NES - 106, GBA - 212
  • Experience Points: NES - 32, GBA - 130
  • Gold: 250.

At Level 3, the Light Warriors should have no difficulty taking Garland on. At Level 2, it's more of a challenge but Garland can be defeated. He has around 100 HP and a moderately powerful attack. In the Dawn of Souls versions and beyond, he has more HP, but he offers more experience points as a reward. Although he is strong against most magic, he is susceptible to Sleep, Fire, and Thunder magic. Be sure to enter the battle with full strength, as Garland can cause severe damage—up to 30 HP per attack. Use your Red Mage and White Mage to heal ailing party members and cast Protect on your party leads to lower Garland's attack. It's also a good idea to bring some Potions along in case you run low on magic.

After you dispatch of Garland and receive many experience points and Gil, talk to Princess Sarah. She will recognize you as the Light Warriors, and magically whisk you back to Cornelia Castle. She will demonstrate her gratitude by bestowing a very precious gift upon you, the Lute. So great is the King's gratitude, that he will command the north bridge to be rebuilt, which spans the northern channel to the mainland. Now your journey can truly begin. Before crossing, talk to the people again, as many will have new things to say. You can learn more about the Lute from a man in the castle.

Upon setting foot on the bridge, the title suddenly appears along with a preface and the game credits. Now the real challenge is laid before you.

NES text

And so, their journey begins... What awaits the Four, they do not know. Each holding an ORB, that 2000 years ago shined with beauty from within. But now, only darkness. Come!! Start your journey! Return the light of peace to our world. Then credits appear.

PlayStation text

And so their journey began. As warrior of light, the four youths faced a staggering mission and a stormy destiny. The four crystals they carried remained a mystery to them... In ages past, those crystals had a radiant dazzling light, the time for Heroes is at hand. Darkness must be banished again so the life and peace can illuminate the world once more.

PSP/iPhone text

And so their quest began. As the four Warriors of Light, they felt overwhelmed by the great task destiny had placed before them. They did not even know the true significance of the four crystals they held in their hands... The crystals that once, long ago, held a light that shone so brilliantly. The time for their journey had come. The time to cast off the veil of darkness and bring the world once more into light...