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A GameCube controller connected to port 1 is used to control the game in single-player mode. A Game Boy Advance with a Game Boy Advance cable is used by each player to play the game in multiplayer mode.

GameCube GBA Action
Neutral control or Neutral dpad Neutral dpad
  • Move Characters
  • Target Ring
  • Caravan
  • Cursor
Start button Start button
  • Pause/Resume Game
  • Skip certain cutscenes
A button A button
  • Confirm
  • Actions
  • Talk (in town)
  • Examine (in town)
B button B button
  • Cancel
  • Carry
  • Drop
  • Pick Up
  • Throw
  • Open Treasure Chests
  • Talk (in dungeons)
  • Examine (in dungeons)
L button or R button L button or R button
  • Cycle through commands/menus
X button N/A
  • Ask Mog to carry or drop the chalice
Hold X button N/A
  • Call Mog
Y button N/A
  • Open Main Menu
N/A Select button
  • Toggle between systems to navigate menus