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Architek is the magical power held within the crystal enshrined in the town's courtyard. A building can be constructed upon the land from the builder's memory by using energy called "elementite". Those who are tied to these memories will also be summoned to live in the structure created by this power. Very few possess this power, and only those who have been chosen by the crystal can use this ability. One of the main goals of the games is to use Architek to build homes and facilities around the castle to create a thriving town.

You can construct anything you like in any location in town. Once you have selected the location, you call Chime and select the type of building. You then select the direction the building will face and you use the elementite to activate Architek.

Elementite is a mysterious energy which can be found in numerous location such as pathways, plains, dungeons, and forests. Adventurers obtain elementite by defeating monsters. The stronger the monster, the more elementite you will gain.