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A Clavat and the protagonist of the story. He is already an established hero by the game's beginning. One of the eponymous Crystal Bearers, his crystal, which is located on his right cheek, allow him to manipulate the gravity of himself and others.


A dark brown-haired female Selkie who is always with a camera. Though claiming herself to be a photographer, she finds and exchanges information for her own benefit. She stows away on the Alexis's maiden voyage and encounters sensitive information that lands a bounty on her head by Jegran, deciding to travel with Layle to make a fortune off him. However, she remains defiant and continues to pursue her next big story.


A red-haired male Selkie who is Layle's partner and has his own agenda. Unlike other Selkies, Keiss devoted himself to the Lilty kingdom, working directly under Jegran to rise up the ladder until he became a colonel in the Lilty military.


A lavishly decorated Yuke who, as well as being another Crystal Bearer and last of her race, first appears to be the game's primary antagonist and nicknamed "Goldenrod" by Layle. She appears to also possess the ability to bend space and conjure summons (her true crystal power) like Bahamut. Her goal is the revival of her race through the Crystal Idols to retore the Yuke Tribe's crystal. But soon after, Amidatelion gains Layle's aid in restoring the Crystal Principle to save the world.

Althea Sol Alfiraria[edit]

A Lilty with spectacles who is the princess of the Liltian Kingdom, having a crystal idol on her person. Her mother died while she was still young, and her father is crystallized, causing there to be a power vacuum which she is trying to contain while attempting to find a means to cure her father.

High Commander Jegran[edit]

The megalomanical captain of the Liltian guard and the game's villain, attempting to take over the Lilty kingdom by turning it into a military state. However, after seeing a reason behind the Crystal Bearers' existence, develops a god complex as he attempts to rewrite the Crystal Principle to his liking. The armor over his right forearm conceals his power as a Crystal Bearer to turn whoever he touches into crystal.


Former engineer of the Liltian Kingdom who has a certain interest in Crystal Bearers, working as a tinker in Bridge Town.


Leader of Selkie Guild, that sells information for the highest bidder, he has a grudge against Lilties and hates turncoats like Keiss even more. However, Vaigali makes an exception in the case of Cid whom he aids as patron. He is later crystallized by Jegran.


A Clavat Crystal Bearer with pyrokinetic powers and formerly Layle's "worst partner ever", teaching Layle the ropes of a Crystal Bearer in the past. Though he makes a first minor appearance, after being taken into custody, Blaze is hired by Jegran to find Belle and silence her, tracking her down to the Rivelgauge Monastery where he confronts Layle and is defeated by him. Blaze is later killed off by Jegran after he had no more need of him.