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Like its GameCube predecessor, Crystal Bearers features fully real-time combat, but unlike its predecessor, this game focuses on single-player, free-roaming, action-adventure gameplay. Enemies and regular civilians apparently are able to show emotion or status effects via symbols hanging over their heads, such as hearts for attraction or musical notes for satisfaction. The producers have suggested that enemies do not necessarily grow stronger as the game progresses, but that they gain a wider variety of tactics and abilities instead. It has also been shown that some enemies have the ability to hurt fellow creatures also opposing the player. This is part of a reaction AI system, in which different creatures react in unique ways to other creatures nearby and to the player's attacks.


Telekinetic abilities feature heavily in the game. The player is able to perform different combat actions via telekinesis, including moving certain enemies against their will, making them use their abilities against other enemies, and utilizing various objects as telekinetic projectiles. The player is also able to perform some type of reaction element with creatures that will affect them in different manners.

To further the telekinetic gameplay, the player is able to utilize his abilities to interact with the environment, such as to activate switches or grab onto ledges and other objects from a distance via an energy-based grappling hook; furthermore, he is able to perform such actions as moving civilians against their will. Civilians also share a trait with enemies in that they are able to attack the player when irritated by his actions.

Unlike other RPG oriented Final Fantasy games, this game, being an action adventure, does not have a leveling system; instead, the player can customize Layle's stats using accessories that the player makes using monster drops and other items that are found while exploring. The player can also increment the character's maximum HP by clearing miasma stream fights and collecting the myrrh of each area.

Fighting in the sky is also a feature of gameplay. Quicktime events will also appear throughout the game, forcing the player to take necessary actions with the controller during certain events, such as aiming the remote and shooting demons while falling through the sky. It's been commented that while most of these events are for mere enjoyment, some must be completed in order to advance the story. Other gameplay aspects include participating in minigames, traversing the land on chocobos (which can ram through enemies and some background objects), riding on trains, and swimming.

Beginning the Journey[edit]

The story will start with Layle and his friend, Keiss, on an escort mission to guard the enormous new passenger airship, the Alexis, on its maiden voyage. All goes well until a pack of Zu begins to attack the ship. Layle leaps off the ship armed with a large gun, poised to defend the ship. Aim at the enemies with Remote button and hold B button to continuously fire at the enemies. Eventually, Layle will land and after a cutscene, you'll have to steer the ship through a gorge by moving Right nunchuk and Left nunchuk with proper timing. After a cutscene, you'll land and be able to take control of Layle on land. A tutorial will explain the basic controls. Use Neutral nunchuk to move Layle. Point at the screen with Remote button and press B button to lock on to people and objects. Move forward until you reach the end of the path. Aim and press B button to enter Capital Gate Hall.