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In a distant land...
The peace long enjoyed by the people came to a crashing end.
The emperor of Palamecia summoned fiends from another dimension...
And the empire launched it's campaign for world conquest.
In the ensuing clash between rebel and empire, Castle Fynn was taken.
The rebels were forced to the remote town of Altair.
Amidst the chaos, four youths also fled the occupied Fynn.
They were childhood friends, now orphaned and homeless.
And they suddenly found themselves running for their lives.


Mission Ally Key items Bosses
1. To Fynn - Ring (Captains)
2. To Salamand Minwu Canoe, mithril Sergeant, Land Turtle
3. To Bafsk Minwu Pass -
4. To the Snow Cave Josef Snowcraft, Goddess' bell Adamantoise, Borghen
5. To the Dreadnought Gordon Egil's torch, sunfire Red Soul
6. To Deist Leila Ship, pendant, wyvern's egg Chimera
7. To the Colosseum Gordon - Lamia Queen, Behemoth
8. To Fynn Castle Leila - Gottos
9. To Mysidia Leila White mask, black mask, Gaia drum, crystal sceptre Big Horn
10. To the Mysidian Tower Ricard Ultima tome, Four Elemental Crystals Roundworm, Fire Gigas, Ice Gigas, Thunder Gigas, White Dragon
11. To the Cyclone Ricard Wyvern, blood sword Green Dragon, Emperor
12. To Palamecia Ricard Airship Imperial Shadow
13. To the Pandaemonium Leon Excalibur, Masamune Blue Dragon, Zombie Borghen, Behemoth King, Red Dragon, Tiamat, Iron Giant, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Dark Emperor