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SNES PlayStation WonderSwan Color GBA DS Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad X1 WonderSwan button, X2 WonderSwan button, X3 WonderSwan button, X4 WonderSwan button Neutral dpad Neutral dpad
  • Move character
  • Move cursor
A Button Cross button A WonderSwan button A button A button, L button
  • Interact/Inspect
  • Talk
  • Confirm
  • Ride/Dismount.
B Button Circle button B WonderSwan button B button B button
  • Cancel
  • Exit Menu
  • Run.
X Button Triangle button Start WonderSwan button, Y1 WonderSwan button, Y4 WonderSwan button Start button X button
  • Menu
R Button R1 button Y3 WonderSwan button L button, R button Y button
  • Switch displayed character
L Button, R Button L1 button, R1 button L button, R button
  • Flip through pages
L Button+R Button L1 button+R1 button Y1 WonderSwan button+Y4 WonderSwan button L button+R button R button
  • Hold to escape from battle.
Start Button Start button Start WonderSwan button Start button Start button
  • Pause