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Tower of Zot[edit]

Area Info:
  • Flame Mail
  • Flame Sword
  • Hell Claw
  • Flame Shield
  • Gaia Hammer
  • Sage's Surplice
FF4 PSP 7a.jpg

To return to Troia, head back to the starting location in the bottom-left corner of the first floor. While you can explore the world using the Black Chocobo, the airship will only be a route between the city and the tower.

If you are aiming to complete the Bestiary, this is a locked location, meaning once you finish it, it is no longer accessible. That means that almost every enemy here is missable. The only exceptions to this are all the Flan type creatures (Jelly, Cream, Slime) and the Marion, with the latter also being in a locked location later, meaning you only have two chances to encounter it. The hardest two, the ones you're most likely to miss, are the Carapace and the Witch, with the former being a 1 in 8 encounter chance on the first two floors only, and the latter being a 1 in 8 chance on floors 3 and 4, and a 3 in 8 chance on floor 5.

In the room where you regain control of your party, go to the north-west and follow the corridor to the top. The chest there contains Flame Mail. Contrary to what you may think, elemental armor is actually reversed, in terms of their resistances. So, Flame Armor is resistant to Ice, just as Ice Armor is resistant to Fire. The elemental weapons, however, stay following regular logic, the Flame Sword is Fire element, and the Icebrand is Ice element. Head to the north-east corner and go through the door you find there.

On the second floor simply go south as far as you can, and when you reach the southern edge, head west. Then go up to find the door. The chest that's visible a bit to the east contains a fight with a Flame Hound and a Flame Sword as your reward.

FF4 PSP 7b.jpg

In this room, take the bottom path and go as far to the east as possible. Then you will head north, and then west again, and you will come the next door. In this room, you will head to the south, and then as far east as possible. Now head north and go through the door.

On the fourth floor, visit the rooms to the north for some items. The left door contains a Hell Claws and a Flame Shield. The middle door contains an Gaia Hammer, and the right door contains a Sage's Surplice.

FF4 PSP 7c.jpg

Once you exit, go directly to the right, and up the stairs. The first door is a save point. After saving, go toward the next door. You will be interrupted by the Magus Sisters and a boss fight will begin.

Boss: Magus Sisters[edit]

FF4 PSP 7d.jpg
Boss Info:

The key to defeating this trio is to target the one in the middle sister, Cindy, who can heal and revive the others. Her sisters will protect her by casting Wall on her, but they are all weak enough that it does not really matter. The trick here is to not cast reflectable spells on Cindy. Don't bother casting Wall on your characters, as it will just waste a turn. The sisters are very easy to defeat with normal attacks. Make Tellah cast Berserk on Cecil and Yang and then target one of the other sisters with direct damage spells. Have Cid repeatedly use his hammer to cast Quake and the sisters will be killed in no time.

Party Change
Before entering the final room, unequip all items from Tellah. He will be leaving the party and won't return.

If you slay the front or back sisters (Sandy or Mindy) first, Cindy may revive them in a single move.

Boss: Golbez[edit]

FF4 PSP 7e.jpg

You should return to the save point because you will have to fight in the next room. First, a cut scene will begin in which Tellah fights Golbez. Tellah dies because of the battle. Go speak to Kain and he will join you as does Rosa when you save her.

Equip Rosa with the best items, and try to leave the room, but before you can leave, Valvalis will fight you.

Boss: Barbariccia (Valvalis)[edit]

FF4 PSP 7f.jpg
Boss Info:

A rather simple fight, when she starts to spin around you must have Kain jump to stop the spinning, weakening both her attack and defenses. Otherwise, just have the rest of your party attack, and have Rosa heal.

Once you defeat her Rosa will warp you back to your room in Baron. Kain will give you the Magma key so that you can reach the underground.

Go Underground[edit]

FF4 PSP 6i.jpg

Exit Baron castle and the airship will be outside. Get in and fly directly south of Baron. You will come upon an island with a cluster of mountains and the town of Agart. Go into the town and walk to the well in the middle of the town. When you approach the well, choose the Magma key and it will fall in, opening up the underground. Fly in with the airship.

Dwarven Castle[edit]

Area Info:
600 Gil/Night
FF4 PSP 7i.jpg

When you fly into the Underground, a cut scene will begin and you will be attacked by the Red Wings. Once it is over you will be right next to the Dwarf Castle.

Party Change
Before entering the Throne Room, unequip all items from Cid. He will be leaving the party and won't return.

If you need to use the Inn, you can find it to the west of the entrance, along with 5000 Gil in the pot west of the desk. Beyond that, everything else is currently blocked off. Keep going straight ahead until you reach the throne room. Speak with the king, Cid will leave your party and you will see dolls bouncing in the background. The king will have you check it out.

Boss: Calcabrina (Calbrina)[edit]

FF4 PSP 7j.jpg
Boss Info:
Cal x3
Brina x3
FF4 PSP 7k.jpg

If you are able to kill all of the little dolls quick enough, the battle will be simple. Otherwise you will have to fight the large Calcabrina. Be sure to fight this quickly, because otherwise, she will split apart again and you will start the cycle over again. After defeating the dolls you will be led directly into another battle.

Boss: Golbez[edit]

FF4 PSP 7l.jpg

Golbez will attack you to the point of near death, but Rydia will come in and save you. Quickly revive one of your party, and have Rydia use her new Summons (Titan is pretty effective). Golbez will be defeated fairly quickly if you survive long enough. If Kain is airborne (from Jumping) when Golbez uses Hold Gas, he won't be affected or killed with Rosa and Yang, which lets you fight with three people instead of just Cecil and Rydia. Once you defeat him, the king will open up the underground passage for you to go after the next crystal.

Version Difference
In the SNES version (and possibly the PS version too), if you cast Warp in the Throne room, you will return to the secret crystal room where you can collect the Dark Crystal. This crystal is identical to the crystal found in the Sealed Cave, and allows you to skip past that entire area.

Castle Clean-up[edit]

FF4 PSP 8a.jpg
Area Info:
  • Dwarven Axe
  • Power Armlet
  • Black Belt Gi
  • Lustful Lali-Ho
  • Bacchus's Wine
  • Ether x2
  • Elixir x2
  • Silver Hourglass
  • Bacchus's Wine
  • Hi-Potion
  • Gysahl Greens x3
  • Cottage x3
  • 5000 Gil

Leave the throne room, and head east to the Armor and Weapon shops. Take the stairs in the northeast to enter the eastern tower. The first floor has a chest with a Dwarven Axe north of the stairs. On the second floor, head left of the southernmost wall and examine one of the pots here for a Bacchus's Wine. Head up the stairs to the third floor, head north of the stairs to find an Ether, head east of the stairs to find a chest with a Silver Hourglass, head south to find an Elixir, and then last check the chest to the west to find a Power Armlet. Head back to the first floor, and exit through the south door to enter the castle courtyard. Make your way west towards the western tower, climb up one set of stairs, head south from the eastern wall, and examine a pot for a Bacchus's Wine. Climb up to the third floor, head west for a Hi-Potion, and then make your way through a hidden passage on the outer wall of the tower, heading south for a Black Belt Gi, east to find an Ether, north to find an Elixir, and finish the circle by heading west and back down the stairs to the shops. Take the north-western stairs this time, and examine the pots north of you for 3 Gysahl Greens.

In this room go left, and in the middle of the room you will see a Dwarf in front of a secret room. Speak to him and he will open up the Underground Passage for you. Continue through the passage, collecting the 3 Cottages along the way, and you will eventually find yourself outside.

If you head behind the pillar in between the weapon and armor shops, you will enter the Dwarven Castle Pub, where you can access the Developer's Office secret area. This is completely optional, as the enemies do not give any useful amount of Gil, Exp, or items, and they also do not go into the Bestiary.

Armor shop
Armor Cost
Flame Shield 1250
Flame Mail 30000
Sage's Miter 2000
Sage's Surplice 1200
Rune Armlet 2000
Weapon shop
Weapon Cost
Dwarven Axe 15000
Great Bow 2000
Blinding Arrows 40
Flame Lance 11000
Flame Sword 14000
Item shop (Left)
Item Cost Item Cost
Gold Needle 400 Echo Herbs 50
Maiden's Kiss 60 Eye Drops 30
Mallet 80 Antidote 40
Diet Ration 100 Cross 100
Item shop (Right)
Item Cost Item Cost
Phoenix Down 100 Cottage 500
Potion 30 Gnomish Bread 100
Hi-Potion 150 Gysahl Greens 50
Tent 100 Remedy 5000