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Nintendo DS

As Square-Enix has released both Final Fantasy IV Advance and DS, the spell names have changed. Please see Final Fantasy IV/Nintendo DS changes for the name changes.

Also, three spells missing from the US version were reintroduced: Protect, Shell and Dispel.

White magic users:

  • Cecil (Paladin)
  • Rydia (Summoner, child)
  • Rosa (White mage)
  • Porom (White mage)
  • Tellah (Sage; initially he uses random spells, later he learns most white & black magic at once)
  • Fusoya (Lunarian; starts with all white & black magic, but has low MP)

Spell types:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Disable: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell list[edit]

Spell MP Type Target Effect Ry. Ro. Ce. Po. Image
Healing spells
Cure (Cure1) 7 Healing All/one Restores a minor amount of HP L03 L01 L01 L01
Cura (Cure2) 9 Healing All/one Restores a moderate amount of HP N/A L13 L15 L13
Curaga (Cure3) 18 Healing All/one Restores a major amount of HP N/A L28 N/A L33
Curaja (Cure4) 40 Healing All/one Restores a massive amount of HP N/A L38 N/A L48
Raise (Life1) 8 Healing One Revives one KO'd ally with a small amount of HP N/A L11 N/A L11
Arise (Life2) 52 Healing One Revives a KO'd ally with all their HP N/A L42 N/A L56
Esuna (Heal) 20 Healing One Cures any status ailment N/A L18 L24 L20
Field spells
Float 8 Field/support All Protects from dangerous terrain
(or from earth attacks)
N/A L32 N/A L40
Exit 10 Field/support All Exit dungeon
(or escape battle)
N/A Tower of Zot L19 L19
Sight 2 Field All Shows the map on the overworld L04 L01 L03 L01
Support spells
Protect 9 Support All/one Increases physical defense N/A L12 N/A L12 File:FF4 Protect.jpg
Berserk (Bersk) 18 Support/Debuff One Causes "berserk" status N/A L20 N/A L18
Blink 8 Support One Increases evasion N/A L23 N/A L23
Shell 10 Support All/one Increases magic defense N/A L29 N/A L29 File:FF4 Shell.jpg
Mini (Size) 6 Support/Disable One Causes or cures "mini" status N/A L29 N/A L32
Haste (Fast) 25 Support One Increases the speed of one party member, allowing their turn to come sooner. N/A L30 N/A L38
Reflect (Wall) 30 Support One Sets up a barrier around a party member, bouncing most spells back at enemies. N/A L34 N/A L44
Disabling spells
Libra (Peep) 1 Disable All/one Shows enemy HP and weaknesses N/A L01 L03 L01
Hold 5 Disable One Disables an enemy from taking action. L07 L01 N/A L01
Silence (Mute) 5 Disable One Silences an enemy, preventing them from using magic. L07 L01 N/A L01
Slow 14 Disable One Decreases the speed in which an enemy's turns come. N/A L01 N/A L01
Confuse (Charm) 10 Disable One Confuses an enemy, making them attack random targets. N/A L24 N/A L25
Dispel 12 Disable One Removes status buffs N/A L31 N/A L31 File:FF4 Dispel.jpg
Attack spell
Holy (White) 46 Attack One A powerful holy-elemental attack on one enemy. N/A L49 N/A L52