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For more details on the Band List, see Band Abilities.

A Band is a type of ability introduced in The After Years that allows multiple characters to "band" together for one attack. All involved characters consume MP to use a Band. This system is similar to the double and triple techs of Chrono Trigger in that, specific party members and attacks are required to successfully execute a Band. Bands can be learned through the course of the game's story or they can be "discovered" in battle by matching the right characters and attacks together.

To discover a Band in battle, press Right dpad at the command list of the character who will initiate the attack and then select Band with 2 button. Next, choose the characters you want to join with and what attack type they will use (Attack, White Magic, etc.). When you're ready to see if the combination will work, press A button. If you've already unlocked a Band Ability, choose the Band option like before and then simply select the Band you want to perform from the list.