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Japanese: カイン編: 竜騎士の帰還 (Kain Hen: Ryuukishi no Kikan)
Released: June 1, 2009

Kain returns from Mt. Ordeals with the stolen Crystals and accompanies the Mysterious Girl on her journey to Baron. Upon their arrival they encounter Ceodore, Edward, Rosa and Cid at the castle where the battle that will determine the fate of the Blue Planet begins...

FFIV The After Years kain's tale.png

Return of the Dragoon - Country of Mysidia/Baron[edit]

The Dragon Descends - Mt. Ordeals[edit]

After a very brief introduction you'll find yourself in control of Kain. Follow the path to the south and around to the far west to find an Antarctic Wind then head through the door to the east. From here, just head south through yet another door. On the terraces to the south you'll find a pair of Mythril Gloves and a Cottage. If you try to leave the mountain now, Kain will be confronted by a mysterious voice.

Work your way back up to where you started and head to the west this time. Before heading through the door, check the nearby chest for Mythril Armor. To the northeast is a save point should you need to rest up and/or save. Make your way across the bridge to the northwest and examine the middlemost stone in the monument to enter a hall of mirrors. When you regain control of Kain head back toward the monument just in time to save Porom from a monster horde. Return to Mysidia to witness Kain's second betrayal and join forces with the Mysterious Girl.

Thinking With Portals, Part Two - Devil's Road[edit]

Once again it's time to navigate the Devil's Road. Though the rooms are the same, the path you must take will be different than it was during your earlier trek in Ceodore's Tale. Walk up to the Mysterious Girl and speak to her, then follow her through the teleporter. Now walk as far north as you can and through the west wall to find a chest containing a Mythril Sword. Return to the main part of the room and exit through the teleport to the east. From this room, head through the portal on the far east wall. Cross the lava to step on the south teleport. For some reason Kain takes no damage from lava, allowing you to follow a more direct route to the end. Head north and again speak to the Girl before following her through.

In this room, cross the lava and exit through the north portal. Check the west wall for a passage to find a Decoy, then return and use the only available teleporter. In this pillar room, find a Hi-Potion and (through the passage to the west) a Mythril Shield before heading through the portal. You can safely cross the lava here to grab a Bronze Hourglass, a Mythril Helm and a Zeus's Wrath. With items in hand, head through the teleporter. Follow the path to the south, speak to the Girl and follow her through. From here, just follow the path to the south and step on the teleporter. Now head east (the portal to the south returns to the beginning), talk to the Girl, and follow her through. In the middle of this room is a save point. Heal and save, then head through the teleporter to the west.