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Button World Map Other Areas Battle
Neutral lstick Move menu cursor
Run Walk/run Select target
Neutral dpad Move menu cursor
Run Walk Select target
(Right lstick / Right dpad) + Cross button N/A Defend
(Left lstick / Left dpad) + Cross button N/A Change row
Cross button Confirm
Enter area Speak to people N/A
Ride vehicle Investigate '!' icon
Triangle button Open Main Menu Switch between ready characters
Circle button Cancel
Dismount vehicle N/A
Circle hold + Neutral dpad N/A Run N/A
Square button Call Moogle Moguo to save/tent Challenge somebody to card game N/A
(On a chocobo) Look for treasures N/A
L1 button / R1 button Rotate camera N/A Toggle single and group target
L2 button Lock/unlock camera rotation N/A Toggle target window display
R2 button Switch perspective N/A
Start button Pause game
Select button Display help text
Show/hide area map Display icon above controllable character N/A
R1 button + L1 button N/A Hold to bravely run away