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The Stellazzio Quest in Final Fantasy IX is a simple item quest with thirteen items. The Stellazzio are a set of star-shaped coins which are collected by 'Stella', a strange bird queen character who can be found in the City of Treno, north of the synth shop.

Stellazzio locations[edit]

  • Gemini: the fountain in the opening screen of Treno - if you interact with the fountain, it will ask you if you want to throw ten gil in. Throw ten gil in thirteen times and you will get the Gemini Stellazzio.
  • Taurus: in Treno, behind the item shop - from the Treno opening screen, walk to the right into the slum area, go down the ladder. In the centre of the screen will be a man selling items, go behind his stall and you'll find the Taurus Stellazzio.
  • Aries: in the village of Dali, in the windmill at the back of the upstairs
  • Cancer: in Burmecia, behind a wooden cart on the left side of the first area
  • Leo: Alexandria Castle, left tower, near the Neptune Statue and the entrance to harbor
  • Virgo: the inn in the Black Mage Village
  • Libra: the fountain in Madain Sari
  • Scorpio: in Quan's dwelling - go down the rope and you'll find it near the treasure chest
  • Saggitarius: Lindblum business district - from the lady selling gysahl pickles
  • Capricorn: Daguerro, water path on the right of the entrance
  • Aquarias: Ipsen's Castle - treasure box in hall
  • Pisces: on the ship Invincible in a treasure box in the center of the ship
  • Ophiuchus: also in Quan's Dwelling, appears after you've picked up Scorpio


  1. 1,000 Gil
  2. Phoenix Pinion
  3. 2,000 Gil
  4. Blood Sword
  5. 5,000 Gil
  6. Elixir
  7. 10,000 Gil
  8. White Belt
  9. 20,000 Gil
  10. Rosetta ring
  11. 30,000 Gil
  12. Robe of Lord
  13. Hammer