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World Map[edit]

  • L button: Displays the list of laws, with the laws of the current day being highlighted and the laws of the place your cursor is at indented
  • R button: Displays information of a location
  • Neutral dpad: Moves the cursor. This is used everywhere.
  • A button: Goes to the location the cursor is pointed at
  • B button: Stops your character from moving to a location.
  • B button(Hold) + Neutral dpad: Moves the cursor at a fast speed
  • Start button: Shows the World Map menu
  • Select button: Display help messages. This can be used in menus to get further information as well.


  • Neutral dpad: Selects the amount of an item in shops and the Monster Bank, changes the character on the character information menu
  • A button: Select the item that the cursor is pointed at
  • R button: Display the abilities an item teaches
  • Select button: Display the jobs that can use an item