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Beastmaster is a job only available to the Nu Mou race. It is a basic job that requires no previous experience. This job allows the player to take control of an opposing beast until that character's next turn. The whip symbol will appear over a beastmaster in control of a monster. They possess a fairly weak weapon attack and have no abilities they can use on the five races of Ivalice.

Weapon Instruments
Head Hat
Body Clothing
Shield --
Name Type MP Range Item AP Description
Goblin A -- 5 Demon Bell/War Trumpet 200 Control goblins and red caps for 1 turn.
Flan A -- 5 Demon Bell/Glass Bell 200 Control an ice flan, jelly or cream for 1 turn.
Bomb A -- 5 Demon Bell/Aona Flute 200 Control a bomb or grenade for 1 turn.
Lamia A -- 5 Glass Bell 200 Control a lamia or lilith for 1 turn.
Panther A -- 5 War Trumpet 200 Control a red panther or coeurl for 1 turn
Rockbeast A -- 5 Conch Shell 200 Control a blade biter or a toughskin for 1 turn.
Dragon A -- 5 Earth Bell 200 Takes control of any dragon for 1 turn.
Floateye A -- 5 Black Quena 200 Control floateyes or ahrimans for 1 turn.
Undead A -- 5 Black Quena 200 Controls zombies and vampires for 1 turn.
Fairy A -- 5 Fairy Harp 200 Control sprites or titanias for 1 turn.
Bug A -- 5 Fairy Harp 200 Control antlions and jawbreakers for 1 turn.
Tonberry A -- 5 Blood Strings 200 Control tonberries and masterberries for 1 turn.
Marlboro A -- 5 Aona Flute 200 Control marlboros and big marlboros for 1 turn.
Immunity S -- -- Survival Vest Gives resistance to some status effects
Beast Combo C -- 1 Mythril Bell 100 Failproof combo abilty for beastmasters.