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Illusionist spells strike every enemy and are very powerful, but they require a lot of MP. You need to master three White Mage A-abilites and five Black Mage A-abilites to become an Illusionist.

Move Jump Evade HP MP Weapon Attack Weapon Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
3 2 30 * *** * * *** *** *
The stars are an indication of how quickly that stat will grow when the character levels up. Please note that they represent an estimate percentage, not hard numbers.
Weapon Rod
Head Hat
Body Clothing, Robe
Shield --
Name Type MP Range Item AP Description
Prominence A 32 All Enemies Firewheel Rod 100 Deals Fire damage to all enemies
Tempest A 32 All Enemies Thunder Rod 100 Deals Lightning damage to all enemies
Freezeblink A 32 All Enemies Sleet Rod 100 Deals Ice damage to all enemies
Star Cross A 32 All Enemies Princess Rod 300 Uses the power of stars to damage all enemies
Stardust A 32 All Enemies Stardust Rod 300 Calls down a rain of meteors to damage all enemies
Deluge A 32 All Enemies Chill Rod 200 Deals Water damage to all enemies
Soil Evidence A 32 All Enemies Terre Rod 200 Deals Earth damage to all enemies
Wild Tornado A 32 All Enemies Thor Rod 200 Deals Wind damage to all enemies
Absorb MP R -- -- Lordly Robe 300 Absorbs the MP used of a spell cast against you
Half MP S -- -- Light Robe 300 Halves the MP needed for abilities
Spell Combo C -- Varies Mythril Rod 100 A ranged combo for Illusionists