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Console Controls[edit]

SNES PlayStation GBA Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad
  • Move character
  • Move cursor
A Button Cross button A button
  • Confirm
  • Talk
  • Ride/Dismount
B Button Circle button B button
  • Cancel
  • Run
Y Button Square button R button
  • Map
X Button Triangle button Start button
  • Main Menu
Start Button Start button
  • Pause
L button or R button
  • Page through the Bestiary quickly
  • Switch characters in-battle
L Button+R Button L1 button+R1 button L button+R button
  • Hold to escape from battle.

Mobile Controls[edit]

Field Controls[edit]

Touch Point Action
Touch and hold screen
  • Bring up soft joypad. Slide to move character
Menu button
  • Call the menu
Save button
  • Call the Save screen (from a save point only)
Sprint button
  • Toggle Sprint mode (requires a Thief or the Sprint ability)
"!" over head (tap)
  • Talk
  • Search
  • Board transport (on world map)
Mount/Dismount button
  • Board or disembark transport (on world map)
  • Available after you get World Map
  • Shows current location
  • Touch to open full map

Menu Controls[edit]

The following table denotes general navigation. Help is given in-game.

Touch Point Action
Touch menu command, then touch character
  • Open sub-menu
Touch character icon
Touch left/right arrows
  • Select character
Touch option in left pane
  • Open selection sub-menu
Touch option in right pane
  • Set option
  • Select item
Return button
  • Go up one level

Battle Controls[edit]

Touch Point Action
Touch ally with full ATB gauge
  • Begins the ally's turn
  • Active turn is marked with a target box
Command panels
  • Select action (leads to Target panels)
  • Open sub-command panel (magic/items). Select to go to Target panels.
Target panels
  • Pick single target
  • Touch "All" to multi-target
Touch any target (while targeting)
  • Pick ally/enemy to target
  • Also switches between ally/enemy group
Return button
  • Back up to previous panel
Auto toggle
  • Quickly execute party's preceding command sequence. Loops until battle ends, or Auto Mode is turned off.
  • Automatically turns off when starting boss battles.
  • Does not persist between saved sessions
Escape toggle
  • Attempt to flee.
  • If unsuccessful, touch to stop escape.
Pause button
  • Pause/resume battle