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SNES, Game Boy Advance


Should Skip Last Chance Container Name Location
No No Clock Elixer South Narshe: Arvis' House
Yes No Chest Fenix Down West Narshe Mines
Yes No Chest Sleeping Bag West Narshe Mines
No No Chest Tonic Adventuring School: Advanced Battle Tactics
No No Chest Sleeping Bag Adventuring School: Battle Tactics
No No Monster-in-a-box (Lobo) Tonic Adventuring School: Field Science
No No Pot Tincture Adventuring School: Field Science
Bestiary (Final Fantasy VI: Advance)
Name HP Gil Experience Rage Lore
001 Guard 40 48 48 Yes No
002 Silver Lobo 27 30 37 Yes No
003 Megalodoth 115 90 50 Yes No
004 Wererat 24 22 21 Yes No
005 Spritzer 15 29 23 Yes No
006 Bandit 35 25 25 Yes No
276 Ymir 50,000 N/A N/A Yes No
277 Ymir 1,600 N/A N/A No No
278 Guard Leader 420 350 N/A Yes No

South Narshe[edit]

  • There's pretty much only one path at this point, just head north.

You may want to start out by opening up the field menu and modifying your configuration settings. Particularly, you may want to set whether the game will memorize the cursor location of your last attack on the battle screen, or reset it to default every turn, and modify the battle and message speeds to your taste. If you're new to this game, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with all the menus.

If you try to head south, Biggs and Wedge will just order you to turn around, so go north into the town. At this point in the game, you also can't explore much of Narshe. There are paths you can't travel down inside these bulky magitek armor suits, leaving essentially only a single northward path to go down. As you do, you'll encounter your first battles of the game. The unnamed character will have a great deal of firepower to select from. The Magitek Missile is the most powerful attack in her arsenal against a single foe, but the Bio Blaster is capable of damaging the entire enemy party at once. Biggs and Wedge are limited to a selection of a few different single-enemy attacks which produce the same damage, only with different elemental attributes.

If you find at any point that you're getting seriously hurt, use the "Healing Force" command, currently available to all your characters. However, that's not likely to happen until the boss battle, because the enemies at this point are quite weak. Enjoy the free ride, and take your time getting used to the game mechanics.

North Narshe[edit]

  • The enemies get a little tougher here, but there's still pretty easy. Press on.

North Narshe Mines[edit]

  • Enter the mines, and travel north until you reach the esper

After all that fighting, you'll be at the mouth of a cave. Enter and follow the path, defeating random encounters as you go, and you'll come to a save point. If you step on it now, you'll have the option to be given a short tutorial on how to use them. You'll come to a small gate. Talk to it, and Vicks will smash it open. You will then face the boss Whelk.

HP: 1,600, MP: 1,000, Weaknesses: None, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: Thunder
TekMissile go!

Being the first boss of the game, it's quite easy. Just attack the head with ?????'s TekMissile attack and Vick's and Wedge's Fire Beam, and it should go down quickly. Also, follow Vicks' and Wedge's advice about not attacking the shell. If you attack it will counter with Mega Volt, which will do around 60 damage to one character. Don't queue up too many attacks, or you will hit the shell when the Whelk's head retreats into its shell.

You could try taking out the shell, as the shell can only use Mega Volt six times before it runs out of MP. It is easier said than done since the shell has a wild 50000 HP. Should you be able to do so before you die of boredom, your reward is a Tincture instead of a Potion, and the feeling you have just completed one of the most pointless tasks you will ever encounter in your life…

North Narshe Mines: Esper Cave[edit]

  • After defeating the Whelk, continue forward, and you meet with the frozen Esper.

South Narshe: Arvis' House[edit]

  • Give Terra her name
Magitek Elite
"A mysterious young woman,

born with the gift of magic,

and enslaved by the Gestahlian Empire..."


After the conversation with it, ????? will wake up in strange bed. After a long conversation with Old Man about the state of ?????'s health, you get to name her. The default name is Terra.

  • Be sure to pick up the Elixer in Arvis' clock

Before exiting the house through the northern door, take the time to go out the southern door, and then west to examine the clock. Like almost all clocks in the game, you will be rewarded with an Elixer for examining it, which will restore all of one character's HP and MP in a pinch.

South Narshe[edit]

  • Take the only path available, across the bridge

As Terra flees across the bridge, she's spotted by the guards, but there's only one way to go at this point. West across the bridge, and into the mine entrance.

West Narshe Mines[edit]

These treasures improve in the World of Darkness.


  • Don't grab the treasure chests.

If you grab the chests, you'll be missing out. They turn into much better stuff later on in the game. Try to resist the temptation, and pass them by. If you do grab them, however, you'll receive a Fenix Down and a Sleeping Bag.

  • Head northwest until you're cornered by the guards

There is no way to proceed at this point, except heading northwest within this area of the dungeon until Terra is cornered by the Narshe guards, and falls through a hole in the unstable cave floor. A cinematic scene is triggered, and Terra falls unconscious.

South Narshe: Arvis' House[edit]

"A treasure hunter and trail-worn

traveler, searching the world

over for relics of the past..."


  • Give Locke his name

A short pain induced flashback later, you'll be able to name your second character of the game: Locke.

Narshe Mines: Puzzle Chamber[edit]

Ff6a-mooglefight.png Ff6a-fighttutorial.png Ff6a-fighttutorial2.png

If you want to avoid fighting any guards, try the following sequence:

Ff6a-avoidguards1.png -> Ff6a-avoidguards2.png -> Ff6a-avoidguards3.png

Ff6a-avoidguards4.png -> Ff6a-avoidguards5.png -> Ff6a-avoidguards6.png
  • With the help of the Moogles, fend off the Narshe guards

Locke will then come to Terra's aid, with the help of the Moogles! After breaking into three groups of four, you'll face off five groups of enemies. After being given the chance to read a tutorial on how to defend Terra, they'll slowly crawl up the pathways from the south, and if they get close enough to any of your three parties, you'll enter battle with them. If you want to avoid any battles (Which is okay, even if you're trying to build up your beastiary in the Final Fantasy VI: Advance version, because there will be nothing here you haven't seen before), move quickly down to the northern edge of the southernmost rock, and wait there. After a moment, you will be presented with an opportunity to squeeze between two guard groups to the east, and then you should be able to wait there until a path opens up in the west, backtrack, and then head south to the enemy commander. Defeat him, and the battle ends.

After that's done, take the group that's in the best health and walk to the bottom of the screen. But before you do, you may want to remove Mog's equipment, because that shield and spear are the best ones you'll find for quite a while. After healing your group, talk to the stationary guard to begin a boss battle.

HP: 420, MP: 150, Weaknesses: Poison, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Mog's Dance skill can be quite useful in this battle
This is a fairly straightforward battle. Marshal is accompanies by two Lobos, whom you should kill first, since Marshal will inflict Stop on your players while they are alive. Heal when necessary. If you attack with Mog's party, have him Dance Dusk Requiem. He'll fall quick enough. Also note that if you fight with Locke's party, steal from Marshal for a Mythril Knife.

South Narshe: Adventure School[edit]

  • Head into the adventure school to grab some treasure

Before departing Narshe, you can enter the Adventure school. Aside from a few items, you can also learn how certain aspects of the game works.

South Narshe: Adventure School: Field Science[edit]



The field science room will teach the basics on how to play the game and explore. There's one item of note: a Tincture at the north-east corner. There is also a Lobo in the box at the top-left.

South Narshe: Adventure School: Battle Tactics[edit]


This room will show you basics on combat.

South Narshe: Adventure School: Advanced Battle Tactics[edit]


The Advanced battle tactics might not apply early in the game, but contain useful information for late-game combat. It will show how you can deal with certain status conditions, including how to bypass reflective spell barriers.

Figaro Castle

After the fighting's done, you'll be at the entrance of Narshe. You can go to the classroom for beginners, or you can just leave. Once on the world map, travel south to the desert. In the middle of the desert, you'll find a castle: Figaro Castle.