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Name Location Info Normal Steal Rare Steal Drop Collectable Rage
1st Class Narshe Cave Yes
Abolisher Yes
Actaneon Yes
Adamanchyt Yes
Allosaurus Yes
Allo Ver Yes
Anemone Yes
Anguiform Yes
Apokryphos Yes
Apparite Yes
Aquila Yes
Areneid Figaro Castle Desert Weak: Ice, Water Tonic Tonic Yes
Aspik Yes
Balloon Yes
Barb-e Yes
Baskervor Yes
Beakor Yes
Behemoth Yes
Black Drgn Yes
Bleary Figaro Cave Weak: Fire Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Bloompire Yes
Bogy Yes
Bomb Yes
Borras Yes
Bounty Man Yes
Boxed Set Yes
Brachosaur World of Ruin Upper-right corner of the map, inside the patch of forest Ribbon Economizer Yes
Brainpan Yes
Brawler Mt. Kolts Weak: Ice
Absorb: Poison
Bandana Tonic Yes
Brontaur Yes
Buffalax Yes
Bug Yes
Cactrot Yes
Cephaler Yes
Ceritops Yes
Chaos Drgn Yes
Chaser Yes
Chicken Lip Yes
Chimera Yes
Cirpius Mt. Kolts Beak (Petrify) Antidote Tonic Yes
Cluck Yes
Coelecite Yes
Commander Yes
Commando Yes
Covert Yes
Crasshoppr Yes
Crawler Yes
Crawly Figaro Cave Weak: Fire Tonic Remedy Yes
Critic Yes
Cruller Yes
Crusher Yes
Dahling Yes
Dante Yes
Dark Force Yes
Dark Side Narshe Cave Yes
Dark Wind Narshe Area Weak: Fire Tonic Tonic Yes
Deep Eye Yes
Delta Bug Yes
Didalos Yes
Displayer Yes
Doberman Yes
Doom Drgn Yes
Dragon Potion Genji Glove Yes
Drop Yes
Dueller Yes
EarthGuard Yes
Eland Yes
Enuo Yes
Evil Oscar Yes
Exocite Lete River Yes
Exoray Yes
Fidor Yes
Figaliz Yes
Flan Yes
Fortis Yes
FossilFang Yes
Gabbledegak Yes
Garm Yes
Geckorex Yes
General Yes
Ghost Ghost Train Yes
Gigan Toad Yes
Gigantos Yes
Gilomantis Yes
GloomShell Yes
Gobbler Yes
Goblin Yes
Gold Bear Yes
GreaseMonk South Figaro Area Weak: Poison Tonic Buckler Yes
Grenade Yes
Gt Behemoth Yes
Guard Narshe Weak: Poison Tonic Potion Tonic Yes
HadesGigas Yes
Harpiai Yes
Harpy Yes
Harvester Yes
Hazer Yes
Heavy Armor Yes
Hemophyte Yes
HermitCrab Yes
Hipocampus Yes
Hoover Yes
Hornet Figaro Cave Weak: Fire Tonic Tonic Yes
Humpty Yes
Ipooh Mt. Kolts (boss) Weak: Fire Potion Potion Yes
Ing Yes
Innoc Yes
Insecare Yes
Intangir Triangle Island Magicite Antidote Yes
Io Yes
Iron Fist Yes
IronHitman Yes
Joker Yes
Junk Yes
Karkass Yes
Kiwok Yes
Land Worm Yes
Latimeria Yes
Leafer Narshe Area Weak: Fire, Water
Absorb: Ice
Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Lethal Wpn Yes
Lich Yes
Lizard Yes
Lobo Narshe/Narshe Cave Weak: Fire Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Lunaris Yes
Luridan Yes
Madam Yes
Mad Oscar Yes
Magic Urn Yes
Mag Roader (purple) Yes
Mag Roader (red) Yes
Mag Roader (yellow) Yes
Mag Roader (brown) Yes
Maliga Yes
Mandrake Yes
Mantodea Yes
Marshal Narshe Cave (boss) Weak: Poison
Uses Charge when alone
Mithril Knife Potion Yes
Mesosaur Yes
Mind Candy Yes
Misfit Yes
Mover Yes
M-TekArmor Figaro Desert (boss) Weak: Lightning Tonic Potion Potion Yes
Muus Yes
Nastidon Narshe (World of Ruin) Grab Yes
Nautiloid Lete River Ink (Blind) Yes
NeckHunter Yes
Necromancer Yes
Nightshade Yes
Ninja Yes
Nohrabbit Yes
Ogor Yes
Opinicus Yes
Orog Yes
Osprey Yes
Osteosaur Yes
Outsider Yes
Over Grunk Yes
Over Mind Yes
Pan Dora Yes
Parasite Yes
Parasoul Yes
Peepers Yes
Phase Star Mountain (World of Ruin) Smirk, Blow Fish Yes
Pipsqueak Yes
PlutoArmor Yes
Pm Stalker Yes
Poplium Yes
Poppers Yes
PowerDemon Yes
Primordite Yes
ProtoArmor Yes
Prussian Yes
Psychot Yes
Pterodon Lete River Wing (Seizure) Yes
Pug Yes
Punisher Yes
Rain Man Yes
Ralph Yes
Reach Frog Yes
Red Fang Yes
Red Wolf Yes
Repo Man Narshe Cave Weak: Poison Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Retainer Yes
Rhinotaur South Figaro Area Absorb: Lightning
Magical Counter: Mega Volt
Tonic Mithril Claw Potion Yes
Rhinox Yes
Rhobite Yes
Rhodex Yes
Rhodox South Figaro Area Antidote Tonic Yes
Rhyos Yes
Rider Yes
Rinn Yes
Samurai Yes
Sand Horse Desert Near Figaro Castle Yes
Sand Ray Figaro Castle Desert Weak: Ice, Water Antidote Antidote Antidote Yes
Scorpion Desert Near Figaro Castle Yes
Scrapper Yes
Scullion Yes
Sea Flower Yes
Sewer Rat Yes
Sky Armor Yes
Sky Base Yes
Sky Cap Yes
Slam Dancer Zozo Yes
Slatter Yes
Slurm Yes
Soldier Yes
Soul Dancer Yes
Spectre Yes
Spek Tor Yes
Sp Forces Yes
Spit Fire Yes
Sprinter Yes
Steroidite Yes
Still Life Yes
Stray Cat Yes
Suriander Yes
Tap Dancer Yes
Telstar Yes
Templar Yes
Test Rider Yes
Toe Cutter Yes
Tomb Thumb Yes
Trapper Yes
Trilium Mt. Kolts Weak: Fire
Absorb: Water
Bane Touch (Poison)
Tonic Remed Yes
Trilobiter Yes
Trixter Yes
Trooper Yes
TumbleWeed Yes
Tusker Mt. Kolts Weak: Fire
Physical counter: Gore (High Damage)
Tonic Potion Soft Yes
Tyranosaur Yes
Uroburos Yes
Ursus Yes
Vaporite Narshe Cave Weak: Fire, Pearl
Absorb: Lightning
Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Vargas Mt. Kolts (boss) Tonic Mithril Claw No
Vectagoyle Yes
Vectaur Yes
Vector Pup Yes
Vermin Yes
Veteran Yes
Vindr Yes
Vommamoth Narshe/Narshe Cave Weak: Fire
Tonic Potion Potion Yes
Vulture Yes
Warlock Yes
Wart Puck Yes
WeedFeeder Yes
Whelk Narshe Cave (boss) Counter: Mega Volt (when shell is attacked) Tincture No
Were-Rat Narshe Cave Weak: Fire
Absorb: Poison
Tonic Tonic Tonic Yes
Whisper Yes
Wild Cat Yes
Wild Rat Yes
Wirey Drgn Yes
Wizard Yes
Woolly Yes
Wyvern Yes
Zombone Yes
ZoneEater Yes